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Ginger Lily Boutique

Ginger Lily Boutique

If youíve wandered around Wichita any time in the last three months and perhaps noticed a large, artfully decorated truck displaying hand bags and adorable clothes parked alongside the street, chances are you spotted Ginger Lily Boutique. A boutique on wheels? You heard right! Splurge! had the opportunity to sit down with Ginger Lily owner Holly Daley last month to get the inside scoop on Wichitaís hottest traveling boutique.

Splurge!: A fashion truck is most definitely a rare sight. How did you decide that a traveling boutique was a good idea?

Holly Daley: Itís not even a good story! I was watching the Today show while I was working out one day and they had on the girls from L.A.ís ďLe Fashion TruckĒ. I thought it was a great idea. I took two webinars from those same two girls, got my business license, found a truck and someone to help me fix the truck up, and got to work. Itís been a lot of work, but itís been amazing so far.

S: What about the name ďGinger LilyĒ? Where does that come from?

HD: Thatís not a good story either! Iíve always loved the name Ginger, but I wanted to add a flower to the end of it. I talked to all my friends and we tossed around a lot of ideas- Ginger Lotus, Ginger BlossomÖa friend of mine in Japan finally suggested lily, and I loved it.

Don't miss the hand bags 
and adorable clothes

Don't miss the hand bags and adorable clothes

S: When did you officially open, and how has the local response been?

HD: We opened May 18th, and the response has just been overwhelming. Everyone who comes on the truck just loves it, and people have been so supportive. It has definitely been a lot of work, but this community has made it very easy and unintimidating for me to start my own business.

S: How would you describe the style and feel of your truck and the merchandise in it?

HD: Bohemian, BoHo Chic, effortless, easy style. We carry a lot of unique things that you canít find at the mall, or even at some other stores. People love to find pieces that other people donít have, and we offer that at very reasonable prices. You can find anything from a $6 bracelet to a $78 hand bag- thereís something for everyone!

S: Where do you find the merchandise for the truck?

HD: Iíve been going to Dallas market. Sometimes my daughter (the gorgeous model for our ads) will come with me and help me pick things out. We have some amazing camo leggings coming in for fall! I might venture to the Atlanta market eventually, but Dallas has that great Midwest style.

S: If people want to shop Ginger Lily, how do they find out where youíre located?

HD: They can check the Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@GingerLilyTruck), or go to our website, gingerlilyfashiontruck.com, for daily locations. Our phone number is 316-737-7994.

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