Caroline Glaser from the Voice

To perform at SPLURGE!/WATC Benefit Concert


Caroline Glaser

Caroline Glaser

St. Louis area teenager Caroline Glaser won viewers’ hearts last spring on season four of NBC’s reality singing competition, “The Voice.” Glaser left her first semester as a freshman at the University of Kansas to compete on the show and made it to the top sixteen, working with celebrity judges Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Now, Splurge! and Wichita Area Technical College are bringing Glaser to Wichita October 10 for a benefit concert in WATC’s auditorium.

Tickets for Caroline’s concert are available for $5 at WATC’s main campus, the National Center for Aviation Training, at 4004 N. Webb Rd. Also available at the SPLURGE! Office, 12950 E 13th St. N. |

SPLURGE! What were your first experiences with music in Chesterfield, MO?

CG: Throughout elementary school, I attended a summer workshop or music camp. My parents weren’t taking my career very seriously at this point. That’s when I really started to love singing. My family was like, ‘Oh, cool, she loves singing.’ I was taking piano lessons at that point, too. It was almost forced. I hated taking piano lessons. I didn’t like piano until after I stopped taking lessons. I started learning my own songs, but I super kept it to myself. No one knew it was a thing I did.

SPLURGE! How did that progress?

CG: My first big step toward music was when I made a YouTube channel, I think my freshman year of high school, and I got my own guitar. I just kind of learned (to play guitar) on YouTube free tutorials.

SPLURGE! What’s your favorite YouTube cover that you’ve done?

CG: Everyone’s favorite cover I did was “Thrift Shop” because it was weird and different. My favorite is probably “Ghost” by Ingrid Michaelson; I just love that song.

SPLURGE! Jayhawk fans want to know - how did you choose KU,and how did you like it?

CG: I wasn’t there very long, about five weeks. I was in a sociology class. My cousin, Julia, goes there and my family from my mom’s side lives in Leawood. We’d come to Kansas City for the holidays, and I love the area. I wanted to get out of St. Louis, and KU wasn’t too far. I loved it while I was there. Of course I am still a fan; I am a Jayhawk!

SPLURGE! What were your aspirations before making the show?

Did you think you would have a music career?

CG: I have always hoped maybe something would happen, but I wasn’t in music classes. It was my freshman year in college, so I was trying to get my gen. eds. done and figure out what I was going to do. I wasn’t playing any music that year; it was kind of depressing. The show changed my life. It motivated me so much. I know this is absolutely what I want to do with my life.

SPLURGE! Tell us about the experience of making it onto theauditions for season four of “The Voice.”

CG: My audition process was totally weird compared to everyone else’s. For season four, I had a private audition in Memphis, TN. The morning of my audition, I had the most terrible case of food poisoning ever. I was deathly ill, and I had to drive back to St. Louis. The audition didn’t work out, so I figured it was not meant to be. I went to KU, and I got a call from my attorney saying “The Voice” is still looking for young talent; is it OK if I send the YouTube videos their way? I was like, OK. I got a casting call, and a couple days later I was on a plane to LA, and I was there for a month and a half. There were three levels of auditions before the actual blind audition. There are people going home every day up until blind auditions. I basically had an anxiety attack every day.

Glaser wants to keep writing her own songs, even as she grows as a singer.

Glaser wants to keep writing her own songs, even as she grows as a singer.

SPLURGE!: What was it actually like the first time auditioning in front of the four judges?

CG: It was so weird because I did open mic nights at my coffee shop in St. Louis, and I used to get really shaky, and there were like thirty people there, talking and not paying attention. It was not a big deal. I expected to be such a nervous wreck on the stage (at “The Voice”), but they prepared you so much. I was completely at peace going onto the stage, totally calm. After Blake turned around, I was like, “This is awesome.” Then Shakira turned around, and I was supposed to do cool runs and vocal parts, and I totally forgot what I was doing. I think I actually forgot a line, but they edited it out.

SPLURGE!: How did it feel to be saved by Adam Levine? Did that make a difference in your confidence or have you always been confident?

CG: That was just like the most intense experience ever. They actually trim out a lot of the stuff and they talk for a long time, and it was awhile before I even knew Danielle won the battle. I was so emotional. Blake called Danielle, and Adam had his hand over the button and said, “Don’t worry; I got you.” All the emotion hit me, and I just started crying. It was definitely an out-of-body experience.

SPLURGE!: Did you get close with the judges? Do you keep in touch?

CG: I really don’t keep in touch. I wish I did. During the process they were great, and I felt close to them, but they are so busy. I wasn’t really expecting them to keep tabs on me. Maybe when I do release the first album I’ll reach out to them. I’m just blessed for the time I had with them.

SPLURGE!: Give us one word to describe your experience on the show.

CG: I can’t explain the experience on “The Voice.” I think “surreal” is probably the best word to explain it. It was crazy, a different world, and it was kind of amazing. I learned a lot of stuff on there.

SPLURGE!: Since leaving the show, how do you spend your days?

CG: I’ve been writing almost every day, and just recently I found a couple guys to take with me when I start playing shows. I’ve been doing a lot of music. I’m really excited.

SPLURGE!: Do you consider yourself more of a singer or a songwriter?

CG: Some artists as they get bigger just allow songwriters to throw songs at them. I feel weird if I’m not a part of it. It’s not as personal. I feel like I’m maybe more of a songwriter, but I want to be a part of the art part of it.

SPLURGE!: When will your album come out?

CG: I haven’t recorded anything yet. I have all the songs, but I need to find the right producer and people to produce it. It could be in a month or a couple months; I’m excited to get stuff out. I’m in Nashville, and I’m doing writing sessions and meeting with managers and different people out here. Today I got to write with Pistol Annies’ Angaleena Presley. That was really cool. She was awesome. That was my first big co-write.

SPLURGE!: What is your ultimate goal as a musician?

CG: I don’t see myself being a huge superstar; I just want to be able to play and make music for the rest of my life comfortably.

Caroline's favorites

Social media site: Vine. I don’t really Vine that much, I always look at other people’s Vines - really entertaining. Twitter. You can also find Caroline on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

App: Shazaam

Reality TV show: “The Challenge” on MTV

Song: The Head and the Heart’s “Down in the Valley”

Ice cream flavor: Chocolate

Judge on The Voice: Adam just because I got more time with him and know him better. Blake is the funniest. I like him a lot, too.

Dream collaboration: I love City in Color, so a collaboration with Dallas Green would be the coolest thing ever.

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