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GM Clotheshorse celebrates 35 years

Written by Julie Hying

This summer marks the 35th anniversary of GM Clotheshorse, a women’s apparel store that has long been part of the community and has served as a fashion staple for Wichita women. Located in The Waterfront adjacent to Firebirds, the store’s striking facade invites people into a store graced with chic elegance and style. From the clothing and accessory selections to the owner herself, GM Clotheshorse offers something unique.

Owner Gay Muenchrath shares that her love affair with fashion began as a young girl and has continued to flourish and grow throughout her adult life. As an experienced style expert she loves assisting each customer, helping her find pieces that fit her fashion personality and figure type with beautiful clothing selections.

Her daughter and collaborator, Michelle Logback, shares that Muenchrath is “dedicated to her family and to fashion and loves to help people feel good about themselves. She has a beautiful outlook on life and is an incredibly positive person.”

Both mother and daughter assist their patrons by listening to their needs and desires to find a perfect outfit or piece of clothing for any occasion, formal or casual. Whether shopping for an anniversary party or wedding, a trip with friends or family, or a backyard barbecue, the store is a perfect place to find something special.

The classics and trends featured in their clothing can be seen in their formal wear, perfect for the mother of a bride or groom. Other more casual selections include jeans, patterned pants, fun skirts as well as beautiful tops and jackets. The store is also known for its eye-catching jewelry, belts and accessories.

Muenchrath staffs an onsite seamstress so alterations, if needed, will provide the perfect fit. The owner’s trips to market in New York and Texas inspire her stylish choices, bold and subtle color palettes as well as style and size variety (2–18). These aspects, along with incredible attention to detail, make this shopping experience worthwhile, fun and unique.

This November, Muenchrath turns 80 years old, and she has decided it is time to retire. Beginning August 3, GM Clotheshorse will be hosting a store closing sale where all items will be marked one-half off. The sale will continue throughout the month, and prices will likely see further reductions.

Muenchrath and Logback have loved this store and its patrons and being part of their customers’ lives. The treasured memories of their days spent there, the memories that were shared by others alongside the ones they’ve helped create by outfitting Wichita women, will be their legacy for years to come.

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