Amplifying ICT

Written by Karen Long

It was May of 2017 when Landon Huslig’s wife caught him on Instagram. She asked what he was up to, so furiously scrolling and posting, and he had to come clean. He admitted he’d started a feed called Wichita Life ICT, which already boasted a few thousand followers.

“I wasn’t intentionally keeping a secret,” says Landon, who’s something of an idea guy. He saw a gap in the market and thought, “Okay, there is a lot of cool stuff in Wichita that’s not being highlighted — I just wasn’t sure it was going to work out. I was probably going to tell her, I don’t know, around 5,000 followers or something.”

Candace immediately loved the idea, not entirely surprising considering the couple had recently jumped at an opportunity to move back to their beloved hometown of Wichita, after nine months living out of state.

What started off with a few pics of the Keeper of the Plains and early posts about River City Brewery evolved into an influencer account with over 20,000 followers. Landon boosts entrepreneurs, local businesses, athletes, photographers and musicians, and spotlights former Wichitans on the national stage. Eventually Wichita Life ICT was being tagged in dozens of posts and DMs per day, and businesses were clamoring for amplification in a post or Insta story.

Post local

At one point, a partnership with the Ambassador Hotel — including a staycation giveaway — lured in 1,000 new followers for Wichita Life ICT and 1,500 for the Ambassador. Landon was an early promoter of the Wichita Wind Surge minor league baseball team, plus mom-and-pop shops like The Popcorner.

“I’ve gotten to know and be friends with a lot of small business owners,” says Landon, “as well as some of the tech startups. It’s just been cool to support other people in town.”

In 2018, inspired by the visionary Wichitans he was meeting, Landon launched the Wichita Life Podcast. He interviewed chiefs of local tech startups, like Jason Toevs, co-founder and CTO of Quicc, and other entrepreneurs such as Steven Werner, founder and CEO of Lawn Buddy. Not to mention an eclectic mix of athletes, musicians, digital creators, DJs, authors, restaurateurs, psychologists, city leaders and business managers — and even an MMA fighter.

National luminaries featured on the podcast include Arthur Gunn, singer-songwriter and American Idol runner-up, and Rolf Potts, the world-renowned travel writer. “I didn’t even realize he was from here,” says Landon, “but I had read his book, ‘Vagabonding’ and found out he graduated from North High and has a love for Wichita, and he agreed to sit down with me.”

Best-kept secret

When asked to reveal Wichita’s best-kept secret, Landon can’t choose just one. “I think it’s definitely a foodie city,” he says, “which a lot of people know, but not beyond the most popular restaurants.” The generosity of the startup and small business community also gets top billing: “Everyone says, ‘Hey if you need anything let me know.’ And these are very busy guys who run nationally known companies and businesses, but they’re still willing to give their time to other people in town.“

In the last six months another project has competed for Landon’s attention: his and Candace’s new daughter, Norie. But together the couple continues to bring Wichitans a steady stream of the most sparkling individuals and venues around town. After discovering her husband posting on Instagram, Candace became his biggest cheerleader and behind-the-scenes creative force.

“She’s definitely helpful with making things look prettier,” Landon says, “and if I have a dumb idea she lets me know. She allows me the space and time to do this.”

Wichita Life ICT

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Photo credits:
Keeper of the Plains: Drone-tography, @drone_tography316
Couple: Jenelle Robinson Photography, @jenellerphotos

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