Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum

Celebrating five great years

Written by Lauren Boughfman | Photography by Tobie Andrews

The Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum is located right along U.S. Highway 400 in Augusta, Kansas. The museum contains roughly 150 vintage motorcycles and offers many historical artifacts. What started as personal collections has evolved into much, much more since the opening in 2016.

The museum started out as simply a dream developed by the owner, Kelly Modlin. Kelly was able to turn his vision into a reality. In 2015, he was able to acquire an old body shop along U.S. Highway 400, just east of Wichita. Kelly with the help of a team of volunteers worked hard to renovate the old shop into a vintage and electric motorcycle museum. Then, it was time to move in the bikes. The museum officially opened on April 1, 2016.

Throughout the years, the museum has been constantly growing and making additions. Though, the museum has more to offer than just motorcycles. The museum contains many historic features, contributing to a unique environment. It is an amazing piece of motorcycle history. There are bikes from all over and from every era. To add to the experience, the friendly staff has tons of knowledge to offer. Impressively enough, a majority of the motorcycles run and drive. Kelly and his partners, Jerry Ottaway and Paul Belt do their part in helping to keep things humming. This museum offers bikes from every era and from all around the world, including English, Danish, German and Japanese cycles, as well as many found right here in the U.S.

Ever since opening day the museum has been constantly evolving. After an extremely successful two years, the museum was experiencing a heavy overflow of bikes. So much that in 2018 an additional building needed to be constructed to assist the situation. This building, known now as “Twisted Too” sits right next to the original museum. This building serves the purpose of additional storage, being the home of many impressive displays and motorcycles, as well as a space that can be rented out for gatherings.

What started out as a dream has grown into a large collection of about 150 motorcycles, adding around 40 over the past five years. Kelly Modlin, with the help of Jerry Ottoway and Paul Belt, created the museum with the purpose of growing into a destination attraction for people of all ages. This April marks the five-year anniversary of the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum. You are invited to stop in, and experience all that this museum has to offer!

Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum

601 W. 7th Street
Augusta, KS 67010

Admission to Twisted Oz is always free!
Open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm
Private tours available

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