Living healthy, productive lives in recovery

Gregory Lakin, D.O., J.D. | Center for Change

September is national recovery month and our team at Center for Change loves nothing more than serving patients and seeing them live healthy and productive lives in recovery. What we know is every patient is special and every addiction is unique. Our patients deserve the best treatment and care possible, and that requires a customized program designed for their personal success.

Living with opioid addiction is a terrible burden on the individual and those that love them. Our mission is to treat not just the addiction, but also the cause. Unfortunately too many people wait until it’s too late.

We’ve been so fortunate to have a track record of success for countless patients. We’ve dedicated our lives to giving a substance-abuse-free life back to our Center for Change family. There’s nothing more important to us, and to our patients it truly changes their world. To those you know living in recovery, please take a moment this September to celebrate them and their success. Society fails to honor these brave survivors enough.

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