Kansas Medical center celebrates 15 years

Honoring KMC’s team and patients every step of the way

Written by Julie Underwood Burton

Through the dedicated service of physicians and staff practicing in a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced, integrated equipment and information technology, Kansas Medical Center (KMC) brings comprehensive health care of the highest caliber to citizens throughout Wichita, Andover and communities across Kansas.

Located in Andover, with easy access off K-96 highway, KMC is a fully physician-owned hospital that is celebrating 15 years of service to the community, which began when 35 physicians and investors had a vision to build this full-service medical facility in 2006.

Dr. Badr Idbeis is cardiothoracic surgery specialist and the principal founder and CEO of Kansas Medical Center. When asked about the benefits of being a physician-owned medical center, Dr. Idbeis, simply states that their advantage is being able to facilitate operations on the basis of “local command,” thereby not having to run decisions through corporate headquarters. According to Idbeis, their own physicians are the “last guardians and the keepers of the covenant” between the patient and the physician, and it is not about financials as many might think. “Our patients are truly treated as people, not as a diagnosis,” he adds.

Since its opening, there have been noted misconceptions that KMC is a specialty hospital, when in fact, Kansas Medical Center is a fully-staffed general hospital offering a comprehensive array of medical services and departments including:

• Surgery
• Radiology
• Cardiovascular catheterization lab
• Laboratory
• Diagnostic medical sonography
• Nuclear medicine
• Intensive care unit
• Intermediate care
• Medical surgical unit
• Comprehensive joint replacement
• 24-hour emergency department
• Outpatient physical therapy

Kansas Medical Center is well-known for being on the leading edge of integrated technology, particularly in the area of robotic heart surgery. According to Idbeis, with the exception of a few hospitals in Kansas City, KMC is the only hospital in the state of Kansas who performs robotic heart surgeries and is also known for its advanced technology in the areas of CT and PET scans, MRI imaging and its heart catherization lab.

Dr. Idbeis is also quick to add that because of the size of the medical center, including its staff-to-patient ratio, the quality of care is top-notch. “One major reason people should choose KMC is because of its size. Patients who have come to KMC will not go anywhere else. We do have the best nurse-to-patient ratios compared to anyone else,” states Idbeis. When asked about the past 15 years of success, Dr. Idbeis does emphasize the importance of a sacred relationship between patients and staff. He adds, “Patients are treated like family and we take care of our employees as best as anyone can.”

“We are guided by the oath to take care of patients more than anything else, and our quality of care will support that.” — Dr. Idbeis, founder and CEO, Kansas Medical Center

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, KMC’s medical teams were presented with N95 masks early on in the pandemic, and their staff firmly believes early mask wearing prevented coronavirus infections among staff. Much was learned in the early days of the pandemic and Dr. Idbeis highly credits their approach to isolating Covid patients. Not one individual with Covid went through the hospital, because a totally isolated Covid unit was created with access only from outside.

Most importantly, the staff was able to continue to provide ongoing care for other individuals needing regular medical services or emergency care at a time when other hospitals were shut down or restricted appointments and admissions.

As they look forward to the next 15 years, Dr. Idbeis and KMC doctors and staff all believe they have much to celebrate. With so much emphasis on teamwork a day has been set aside for the staff to gather, during which time Dr. Idbeis will take the helm at the BBQ grill. Staff awards will also be presented as part of the celebration, including honoring 90 staff members who have been key to KMC’s success for five to fifteen years.

Congratulations Kansas Medical Center! Thank you for your 15 years of service to our community.

Where To Find Them

Kansas Medical Center
1124 W. 21st Street
Andover, KS 67002

Our Mission

To provide patient-centered care through the empowerment of physicians and other health care givers, enhanced by state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to the welfare of the community and will join with other health care providers to responsibly allocate health care resources to meet the needs of our less fortunate citizens.

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