Inspired Koncepts

In the spring of 2008 six founders formed Inspired Koncepts with the vision of engaging Wichita readers in a positive interaction with their community. The founders, Dr. Terry and Jody Klein, Dr. Dennis and Ann Ross, and Dr. Tom and Kim Klein, started with a single publication, Splurge! Magazine. In January of 2009 Wendell Funk, formerly Vice President of Advertising for the Wichita Eagle, joined Inspired Koncepts as president. The Wichita Hi-Lighter and Spotlight on Wichita were added to the company's portfolio, offering advertisers the convenience of working with a single, targeted media company to reach over 100,000 readers almost one third of the city's population. Wendell unites with the original founders in their belief in the strength of holding multiple media outlets under one umbrella, and has helped to expand on that mission by adding event marketing and, now with the launch of SplurgeMag online content

While different in editorial content, all the outlets highlight positive information in the community:

Splurge! Magazine A monthly, glossy, high-quality publication covering the lifestyles, fashion, entertainment and arts of Wichita and the surrounding area.

Wichita Hi-Lighter A bi-monthly, direct mail publication that reaches middle to upper income households in Sedgwick County by zip code. High-Lighter is a business story teller publication that allows businesses to tell their story in a high quality advertorial format.

Spotlight on Wichita A yearly tabletop book that serves as a local guide for Wichita and the surrounding area. The book is placed in hotels throughout the Wichita area and many other high-profile locations.

SplurgeMag A monthly online publication that features key content from Splurge! Magazine, as well as an expanded, searchable, Local Faces gallery and web-exclusive content.

Event Marketing Splurge! Nights are organized in partnership with local charities, and give businesses an opportunity for high-profile sponsorships while supporting the community.

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