Splurge! Faces

Jody Klein, Owner/Publisher, Inspired Koncepts

Jody Klein never took Yearbook 101 or journalism classes in school. Her formal training was as an RN. When she left the nursing profession to raise her family, her plan was to be a stay-at-home mom for the foreseeable future. But then she saw an opportunity to become an investor  and more in a publication she loved, promoting a community she believed in. That's how she discovered a passion and a talent she didn't know she had as publisher of Splurge! Magazine. Klein spearheads the fashion pages of Splurge!, as well as being a part of the editorial and sales teams. She was instrumental in creating Splurge! Nights regular, Splurge!-sponsored events to benefit a worthy cause or person in the community like the event in conjunction with the Wichita Open which hosted over 300 people. Klein loves the people she meets, being involved in the community, helping businesses succeed, and making a difference.

Since my association with Splurge!, Klein said, I have always had the determination to make it the premier lifestyle and fashion magazine of Wichita and the vision of expanding into other markets.

Wendell Funk, President, Inspired Koncepts

For 17 years Wendell Funk has been a leader in the Wichita business community, specializing in sales and marketing, advertising, new product development, strategic planning, recruitment, and organizational development. Before joining Inspired Koncepts he served as Vice President for Advertising at the Wichita Eagle where he was a member of the executive team. He brings those communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills to Inspired Koncepts to build strategic partnerships and drive growth. In a challenging publishing environment Funk has found strength in uniting various media outlets under one targeted media company.

In his spare time Funk enjoys playing golf, vocal performance, coaching, being actively involved with his church, and spending time with his family.

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