Sweet 'n cold

Frozen yogurt trend hits Wichita

By Kristin Baker

For a tasty, healthy way to beat the Kansas heat this summer, Wichitans now have plenty of options when looking for frozen yogurt. The self-serve frozen yogurt trend has hit Wichita by storm, and no matter where one is in the city, a frozen yogurt option is nearby. Here is the low-down on some of the new yogurt joints.

CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt

1918 N. Rock Rd., Suite 700 in Derby

Candace and Terry Wright opened the Wichita area's first CherryBerry Frozen Yogurt in Derby on May 6. CherryBerry started in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and now has expanded to reach Kansas and many other states. When Candace Wright visited a CherryBerry in Oklahoma, she knew it was the business for her family. We looked at the concept, and it was really appealing to us, Wright said.

CherryBerry offers 12 rotating flavors of self-serve frozen yogurt and 50 toppings. As with many self-serve yogurt places, customers pay by the ounce, and CherryBerry's price is 39 cents per ounce. CherryBerry's yogurt contains 10 percent live cultures, which assist the body with reducing cholesterol and proper digestion. In addition, all CherryBerry's varieties are low-fat or fat- free and low-sugar. With bright greens and pink colors and two big screen TVs, Wright said she knew right away it would be a place that would appeal to teenagers and families. We thought, Wow this is a fun atmosphere; this would be so much fun just to go sit and hang out, she said.

Yogurt Xplosion

3236 N. Rock Rd.

Even though she still is finishing her degree in entrepreneurship and marketing, Amber Dunn already is an entrepreneur. On May 4, Dunn opened Yogurt Xplosion in east Wichita. Yogurt Xplosion is Dunn's own creation, and she owns the business along with some silent investors. Dunn and her father designed the shop's interior, which features berry colors and the x that is in her store's name. Growing up I always knew I wanted to start my own business, but I had no clue what I wanted to do, Dunn said. (After visiting another frozen yogurt store), I said, Dad, I know what I want to start someday.

Dunn's store features 16 yogurt flavors and 60 toppings, including fresh fruit and nuts. One of the store's slogans is You build it. You love it! My favorite part about the whole concept since you do serve yourself is you can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want to be, Dunn said. A fun aspect of Dunn's store is if a customer guesses his or her yogurt weight in ounces before the cup is weighed, he or she receives the yogurt for free. I think its something that kind of makes people want to come back, Dunn said. It really excites somebody when they get it right.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

7730 E. 37th St. N., No. A; Central & Greenwich; 8918 W. 21st St.

Orange Leaf features 16 rotating yogurt flavors and about 30 toppings daily served in a bright environment with modern furniture. Orange Leaf's yogurt is low-fat or fat-free, and the store offers two sugar-free flavors and even a non-dairy variety with pineapple. We really maintain a classy, modern and contemporary environment, said Katie Daeschner, assistant manager of the east side stores. We have high standards for cleanliness and customer service. Daeschner said in a self-serve environment, the staff works extra hard to ensure customers are satisfied by providing friendly service and taking suggestions seriously. I make sure when we receive comment cards I contact each customer personally, Daeschner said.

The 37th Street Orange Leaf features an outdoor patio for customers to enjoy their frozen yogurt during good weather. The Central & Greenwich location will soon open a patio, as well. Orange Leaf strives to create a healthy family environment, Daeschner said. The radio station is set on Christian radio, and employees are conscious about what plays on the store's two flat-screen TVs. We all have fun there, and we just want the public to have fun as well, Daeschner said. We want to make sure it's a safe environment for any age.

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt

The Waterfront, 10096 E. 13th St. North Suite 100

The people who brought Doc Green's to Wichita now plan to add to the east side location by putting in a Peachwave Frozen Yogurt next door.

Tammi and Scott Kuthan considered opening a third Doc Green's location elsewhere, but they decided they enjoy being hands-on with their businesses. We just thought yogurt would be a great addition to the Waterfront,Tammi Kuthan said. And it will be very hands-on since it's right next door.

The Kuthans plan to open Peachwave doors June 1. Peachwave will rotate 45 flavors, featuring 16 each day. It will feature 10 fruit toppings and 25 nut and candy toppings and hot fudge. Tammi Kuthan said the Waterfront location is perfect for a yogurt store because it features 40 outdoor seats for warm weather eating. We're really excited about that, she said.

Kuthan said their location next to the restaurant will have benefits for large groups. The wonderful thing about it is a family can come in, and half can have a meal, and if half want something light like yogurt, they can go in between and still sit together, she said.

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