Stylish summer specs

By Rachel Manning

It is summer time again! The swimming pools are open, the sun is shining hot and it is time to start looking for those fabulous seasonal necessities. While most people are thinking about protecting their skin with sunscreen and hats they cannot forget to protect one of their most important features: their eyes! Eyes are just as vulnerable to the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is a very good idea to add sunglasses to your list of summer needs. The great news is that sunglasses have become one of the most fashionable accessories that you can add to your wardrobe. With many different price points, frame designs and colors, it is easy to find the right pair for you!

There are many fantastic styles of shades that are available for women. The frames have become larger and the lenses are now darker. Retro styles from the fifties, sixties and seventies have also resurfaced. The larger frames are also extremely effective in protecting the skin surrounding your eyes, preventing unwanted wrinkles. The Prada line of sunglasses for this summer is a perfect example of oversized and whimsical style. Their bold and simplistic design is perfect for the women who stay on the cutting edge of fashion. For ladies who are not as interested in the more extravagant shades, a more minimal look is also very in style. Thinner white frames have recently become very popular. They have a very fresh appearance and look great on everyone!

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