Have a little fun with your accessories

By Nahid Holmes

We just got back from the Las Vegas Market and I am happy to say that it was by far the most successful and fun buying trip I have ever been on. The reason is the furniture and design industry has finally changed the stuffy suit and tie attitude for more casual and enjoyable Hawaiian shirts and laughs. Design, whether home or apparel, should bring you pleasure. Have fun and throw some accessories in your home that will start a good conversation and create a big smile.

One of the newest trends at the Market for accessories is animal statues. Statues have been around for years, but the current spin is towards humorous animal statues.

Rather than having a small green frog statue to place in your bookshelf or on your coffee table, the manufacturers have created green frogs with silver crowns and bright red lips sitting in the Hear no, Speak no, See no evil positions. Rather than having a pink piggy bank, manufacturers have created sets of psychedelic 60s inspired tie-dyed piggy banks. Rather than having little white Bo- Peep sheep, the manufacturers have over-filled their sheep with helium and dyed their soft white hair bright red and apple green.

These statues range from carved dark wood, to shiny hammered copper, to poured resin, to cast ceramic. It seems like the more color and extreme size, the better. I don't suggest turning your living room into a zoo, but a fun $16 statue here and there helps create a cheerful home.

Another top trend at this Market is textured rugs. Wool rugs have always, and will continue to always, be of very high quality and value. The industry has finally found a way to weave and dye good quality rugs out of unusual materials like jute, leather, hemp, hide, and plastics. In the past these rugs might look nice, but were very uncomfortable, inflexible, and hard to maintain. The texture that is now achieved is unlike a basic wall to wall carpet.

I am really looking forward to placing these types of rugs in contemporary or transitional spaces that need color and texture. In fact, I liked these rugs so much that I ordered a huge turquoise hemp rug for my house!

I recently moved into a new home. There is a small powder bathroom off of the kitchen. I looked for a long time for something to hang on the wall. My personal style is very clean lined and colorful. However, I could not find artwork that worked with everything else in the house. So I decided to go a complete opposite direction. I found a painting that I knew would catch attention and bring happiness to others. I found an oil painting of a monkey princess with a bright red gown and gold crown. Her eyes are bright and tongue long.

This artwork causes full-blown belly laughs time after time. Try mixing around your artwork with something unusual and entertaining.

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