Whatís in her closet?

With Schrene Davis owner of Paul Mitchell the School

Story By Kristin Baker | Photography By Michelle Adams

Schrene Davis

Schrene Davis

What item in your closet do you wear the most?

I wear black every day, so I try to rotate through my closet. Our dress code for staff is black and white. I have a favorite pair of shoes for summer I wear all the time: wedge Kenneth Reaction shoes that are very comfortable. These floors are not forgiving.

What is your favorite fall trend?

I just love boots Ė all different kinds of boots: tall, short, suede, leather. I like it when fall comes.

How important is it that your hairstyle goes with what you are wearing?

I feel like if you have a marmy hairstyle, especially in this industry, itís no good. I have to dress a little trendy and a little younger. If my hair starts to get frumpy, it doesnít really go together. The whole look is complete with jewelry and make- up. I call it my hairdresser wear.

What hair trends should Splurge! readers know about?

I always like reds for fall and warm browns. Iíve read lately the trend color is red, and in the fall instead of going lighter, people go a little bit darker.

Describe your style in one sentence.

I try to find a combination of trendy and sensible; I try not to be too faddish.

What else should we know about your closet?

Itís normally very unorganized. I have to work hard to keep it organized. The shoes outnumber everything else. The shoes are where I try to get a little creative. I try to buy some fun shoes to jazz it up a little bit. I also love purses. I have a ton of purses.

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