Spring fever

Top ten colors for spring

story By Lily Shawver | Fashion by JOdy Klein

What is the best antidote to the winter blues? Spring’s bright, punchy shades, of course! For spring of 2012, designers are inspired by an array of different colors; ranging from classic, understated neutrals to loud, bold brights. Now that the temperature is rising, it is time to refresh and wake up your wardrobe. Here are spring’s top ten trendiest colors for you to experiment with: Bright, bold colors are very on trend for spring 2012.

  • Tangerine Tango: This bright orange can bring a vivacious and appealing pop to any outfit this spring.

    Classic color pairs: teal, cream and khaki
    Unexpected color pairs: lilac, chambray blue

  • Solar Yellow: The perfect color to bring a jolt of energy and cheer.

    Classic color pairs: navy, white and bright red
    Unexpected color pairs: margarita, lilac & copper

  • Bellflower: This particular shade of bright royal purple simply exudes creativity and playfulness.

    Classic color pairs: bright white, jet black
    Unexpected color pairs: tangerine, royal blue & hibiscus

  • Cabaret Fuchsia: An intense rosy-red and a perfect pick for spring clothing, as well as cosmetics.

    Classic color pairs: khaki, bright white and ivory
    Unexpected color pairs: tangerine, bright red & rose violet

  • Royal Blue: A very dependable shade, this classic blue brings order and calmness to the mind.

    Classic color pairs: solar yellow, starfish and light grey
    Unexpected color pairs: apricot, fuchsia & gold

  • Teal: This whimsical blue-green will lighten your spirits and make a statement in your spring palette.

    Classic color pairs: coral, light grey and oatmeal
    Unexpected color pairs: bright red, lilac & bright yellow

  • Lilac: This delicate light pinkish-purple can add a touch of romance to any wardrobe.

    Classic color pairs: light grey, ivory and apricot
    Unexpected color pairs: bright yellow, mint green & tangerine

  • Margarita: Fresh and bright, this yellow-green can be sure to brighten any mood.

    Classic color pairs: white, lilac and oatmeal
    Unexpected color pairs: tangerine, powder-blue & pale-yellow

  • Starfish: The perfect warm-toned neutral for spring that is a great complement to any bright color.

    Classic color pairs: jet black, white and cream
    Unexpected color pairs: lilac, jade & teal

  • Driftwood: This is a very adaptable blend of gray and beige that has a slightly weathered feel.

    Classic color pairs: indigo, pewter and ivory
    Unexpected color pairs: fuchsia, gold & peach

Although these colors can seem daunting at first, there are many wearable ways to work any bright color. Since bold colors can already be so visually overwhelming, always choose pieces with clean lines. When dealing with an all overly bright colored outfit, it is best to accessorize with neutral shades. If you feel that all-over bright is just too much for you, have no fear! An easy way to incorporate bright colors into any wardrobe is to take advantage bright accessories. Shoes, handbags, jewelry and sunglasses can all be found in any eye-popping electric shade.

Color has the ability to give life to your mood and energy. Don’t miss your chance to wear spring’s hottest colors.

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