Wichita’s bucket list

Experiencing life’s milestones

STORY BY Julie Schillings

We have all identified accomplishments that we aspire to achieve during our lifetime. Recording these experiences in a bucket list (or life list) is the first step to making them happen. Bucket lists frequently include travel to exotic locations and visiting the wonders of the world. While you are saving up vacation days, go ahead and get started by checking off a few from Wichita's top-40 bucket list adventures.

1. Perform stand up comedy. The Loony Bin holds monthly Open Mic Nights allowing comedian-want-to-be's the opportunity to try out their best five minutes of material in front of a live audience.

2. Find the ultimate bierock. Plentiful on menus throughout Wichita, bierocks are characteristic of eastern European heritage and have become a unique part of Wichita's cuisine scene.

3. Learn a new language. From children's summer learning camps to adult small group classes, the curriculum at Spanish Horizons is tailored to the students learning style and experience. Immersion experiences and cultural lessons enrich the classroom experience.

4. Go to motorcycle school. Alef's Harley-Davidson has a New Rider Course where students gain confidence in the classroom before heading to the closed course rider training range. New riders can even borrow a Harley for the course.

5. Write a personal manifesto. Prepare a written declaration of principles, purpose and intentions. Share it with your family and inspire them to define their own manifesto.

6. Feed a lemur. There are only two places in the United States where you can hand feed a lemur and one of those locations is Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard. Palm sized baby lemurs cling to their mothers as they scamper up to snatch Craisins from guests hands.

7. Visit Diablo the honey badger while you are at Tanganyika.

8. Write a thank you letter to a teacher or coach who inspired you in your youth.

9. Sleep in a castle. The Historic Campbell Castle The Castle Inn Riverside is an 1888 Scottish style castle located on the banks of the Little Arkansas River. Guests feel like royalty as they are greeted with hospitality and warmth amidst the elegance.

10. Try a different kind of drive-through. Drive through dining is a unique experience at Jet Bar-B-Q in the historic firehouse located in Midtown. Jet is only open for lunch three days a week so plan ahead for this tasty treat.

11. Sing along to Hakuna Matata. Experience the landmark musical event Disney's The Lion King when it roars into Wichita September 4 - 30. Families will happily hum show tunes all the way home.

12. Build a house. Wichita's Habitat for Humanity provides the tools and training. Volunteers work under the supervision of professional site coaches to build homes for Wichita families.

13. Jump in a pool fully clothed.

14. Rebalance your qi (pronounced chee). Bohemia Healing Spa is one location in Wichita to find an experienced acupuncturist who will balance your body's flow of energy or qi.

15. Learn to roll sushi. Chef Jason Febres offers sushi making class, in addition to many others, at his panoramic Taste & See kitchen.

16. Perfect a really great magic trick. A little practice and slight of hand will have friends asking How did you do that?

17. Bike across Kansas. Beginning at the Colorado border recreational cyclists travel across the state of Kansas each June. One week and 475 miles later, riders will cross into Missouri having made new friends and experienced great adventures.

18. Kick a negative habit. Chewing your nails, eliminating the phrase you know from your vocabulary, or drinking too much pop...we all have them.

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