Katie Margreiter

Meet Our Cover, Your Kid Contest winner

Story By Julie Schillings | Photography By Camera Angles

Katie’s bright, smiling eyes seek child-sized adventure wherever she goes. The four-year-old winner of Splurge! Magazine’s cover contest loves having her picture taken and shared giggles and grins throughout her photo shoot.

Happiest when she is outdoors, Katie enjoys adventures of all types - modeling, swimming, soccer and playing at the lake. She is not at all squeamish about baiting a fishing hook, even with live worms. Some of her favorite activities include wrestling with big brother Dylan (7) and playing with her grandparents’ dogs. Small in size, but packed with energy, Katie loves playing with her friends on the trampoline and riding bikes to the park with her family. Katie has a creative side too. She loves to color and frequently entertains her family with creative songs and spontaneous performances.

“Katie is funny” laughs her mother, Jennifer, “she is always happy and is very compassionate toward people.” Katie is the first one to lend a comforting hug and her kisses have been known to cure many scrapes and bumps. Katie represents the spirit of the holidays, spreading joy and sharing smiles along the way.

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