Abode Venue

Provides area with modern banquet facility


When Brooke and Doug Hebert got married in 2010, they wanted to hold their wedding and reception in a place that reflected their personality and style. They found it at Abode Venue on east Douglas. "After looking at it, I loved the building, I loved the look of it and it fit the style of the wedding we wanted," says Brooke Hebert, owner of Pink Saloon.

During the planning process, Hebert says she was inspired to use the circular pattern on the floor of the front gallery room to position the guests. "I immediately had the vision of us standing in the center and being surrounded by our friends and family," she says.

Hebert's wedding was the first wedding held at Abode after the former furniture store transitioned to a banquet facility. The setup of Hebert's wedding created such a warm, intimate atmosphere that several weddings held at the facility have since copied the model they established.

Unique design

In 2006, the building, designed by WDM architects, received the 2006 Merit Award for interior architecture from the AIA Midwest Regional Section a distinction that sets it apart from other venues in the city. "The biggest thing that makes us unique is the design of building the rooms aren't square. It has a real modern feel," says Kyle Filiatreault, General Manager of Abode Venue. "The building itself is unique in shape, you can separate it from one huge venue to three separate rooms and partition it off in different ways." Filiatreault says this flexibility, along with the ability to bring in outside caterers or use caterers contracted through Abode, has made the facility an ideal location for corporate events and meetings as well as parties and receptions.

"Our corporate customers make up about 40 percent of the events at Abode," he says. "People don't realize it is such a great corporate space and not only a party space."

Among its corporate customers is the Kansas Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. Cynthia Wentworth, President of the PRSA, Kansas Chapter, says she uses the venue once a month for luncheons and speaking engagements.

"We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of meeting planning, from location, to set up for presentations, to food," she says. "They are extremely responsive." Wentworth says Abode has accommodated the needs of PRSA, whether they are hosting a small luncheon or hosting a national speaker in the grand room. "We have literally used every inch of that facility for different meeting settings depending on what our needs are," she remarks. In addition to appreciating Abode's space and aesthetic, Wentworth says PRSA has continued using the facility each month because of the staff's attention to detail and service.

"As a meeting planner when you have so many other things to worry about like getting people to the meeting, making sure you have quality speakers and getting presentations set up when you have all these other things, having someone like Kyle to bring together all the other aspects like food and the venue you can't imagine the weight it takes off your shoulders," she says.

Filiatreault says customer relations is a central part of Abode's service. "Our continual focus is on our customers," he says.

"We'll do whatever we can to accommodate them that day is special, whatever the event or meeting is, we want to make sure it's perfect."

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