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Pink Boa's Bonnie Hull

Bonnie Hull predicts what the new black will be for fall.

Bonnie Hull predicts what the new black will be for fall.

What is in your closet?

Phoebe & Josephine handbags, tutus (is a girl ever too old?), a couple of wigs (hair IS an accessory), more handbags, flip flops, sparkle butt jeans (aka Miss Me Jeans) and my workout clothes. It’s an assortment of total randomness, but most of all, fun-ness!

What was your most recent fashion indulgence?

Silver hot pants! Last week, while shopping in Kansas City, I found the “garment district” featuring seven boutiques where you can have an adult beverage and try on clothes, at the same time. I now own a pair of silver hot pants. At least, I now have the bottom half of my next “Elton John Concert Outfit.”

What accessory can you not live without?

Always my Pandora charm bracelets, any Art by Amy necklace and any one-of- a-kind summer earring. I’m not dressed without any of them.

Besides your own store, where else do you enjoy shopping?

I love shopping off the beaten path at locally-owned, small business shops and boutiques. In boutiques, the customer service rocks and with limited pieces, I can be sure not many girls will own “my” piece. Eureka Springs is one of my absolute favorite towns to shop. Of course, I must stop at every Harley shop while riding my husband’s bike “Lucy.”

What is your favorite trend right now?

I can’t say I’m a true trend follower. If I love a piece and it’s trendy right now, I’ll be so super cool! But look out, I’ll wear it for several seasons; you’ll be sick of it before I am. I try to buy pieces that fit my body rather than try to make my body fit the piece. There are times nothing looks better than heels, sparkle butt jeans, a tee and a great necklace. It all comes down to wearing what makes you feel good about yourself.

If you could splurge on one thing for your wardrobe, what would it be?

A new, leather Harley Davidson riding jacket.

In your opinion, what is a fashion must-have for fall?

Anything black and anything with tassels. Tassels on necklaces and handbags. Black tops, black boots, black handbags, black dresses and black coats.

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