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By Sara Garrison | Photos by Bird's Eye photographers

It is the need for speed, the thrill of the ride and the roar of the engine that ignite a passion for cars and racing. For individuals who dream of driving their own car on the racetrack, the Advanced Car Control Experience is the ideal opportunity to do just that.

David Leivian of Advanced Car Control Experience, LLC has been involved with the racing circuit for years. He's spent time working at the track, building race cars and preparing cars for racing. He has a Sports Car Club of America Regional Competition License, giving him the expertise to train others on track driving.

I had many customers who were curious about the race cars in my shop. These individuals owned high-performance street cars and were interested in racing, says David. Six years ago I began helping others achieve their racing dreams when I invited a few people to a private track day. Before I knew it, the word had spread and more people wanted to participate.

Leivian arranges up to four track days per year at Hallett Raceway, a 1.8-mile, 10-turn road-racing course in north-eastern Oklahoma. The track has over 80 feet of elevation change and is considered technically difficult.

The Advanced Car Control Experience helps participants learn the limits and handling characteristics of their cars in a safe, controlled environment, says David. The only qualification to attend is the desire to learn your car better. All drivers must have a car in good, safe mechanical condition, a helmet, long sleeve shirt and long pants.

A track day includes a full day at the track starting with a classroom session covering track safety and rules as well as theory associated with driving the track. The instructors also lead drivers on several slow parade laps to show the line of the track. Also included in the package is instruction from Leivian or other qualified drivers. The cost ranges from $250 to $350 depending on the size of the group, which can range from 10 to 40 drivers.

George Pearson of Pearson Excavating attended a track day last year. Driving my car on the track was a blast. It's fun to go somewhere you can drive fast and not worry about getting a ticket. It gives you an opportunity to drive at edge of your abilities.

The top speed at Hallett Raceway is around 100 mph, depending on the car. The main goal of attending a track day is to teach the driver how to handle their personal car at speed, rather than driving at excessive speeds.

Driving on the track has some risk. However, we have rules implemented to reduce risk, explains David. The cars are released at intervals to keep plenty of distance between them. There is also no passing allowed in the turns.

Most track days take place from early spring to late fall. These times allow for optimum track conditions.

If the weather is cold, the engines perform better, but the tires don't stick as well. Driving in the heat is great for the tires to stick to the track. The tires will wear quicker, however. Hot conditions provide extra heat on all aspects of the car, including the driver, David says. We do drive in the rain as long as there is not a heavy downpour or standing water on the track. Driving in the rain is challenging and teaches smoothness.

Scott Morris, an accountant and consultant from Parsons, Kansas, has attended each track day over the past two years. At first he drove his Lexus sedan on the track. Today he has invested in a 1989 BMW 325 IS track car David Leivian customized for him.

Many people may be nervous about driving their daily driver on the track, but they should not worry, says Scott. Everyone who attends is either driving their daily driver or their very expensive, high-performance car. Track days are done in a safe environment. Each person receives high-performance drivers education and is responsible.They want to take care of their car as well.

High-performance drivers education insurance is also available to drivers for each track day.

Scott explains that he has become a better driver thanks to the instruction from Leivian and the other instructors. Each instructor gives you great tips. I encourage anyone who has interest in cars or in seeing what their car can do on the track (to take the course). This is a great place to do it. Each driving experience helps you learn how to better handle a car. It improves your driving skills while helping you understand how cars work better off the track.

To sign up for the Advanced Car Control Experience, contact David Leivian at 316-734- 0985 or

Track Day Schedule

8 a.m. to 8:30 Classroom time and instruction

8:45 Cars on track for parade laps

9:15 to 12 p.m. Open Track

12 to 1-Lunch 1 to 5 Open Track

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