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Mark Washington

As a full time coach for local AAU basketball teams and individual players, Mark Washington feels blessed that he gets to do what he loves every single day. In Mark’s own words, “The ball stops bouncing at some point, and what really matters is what happens off the floor.” Family is what really matters to Mark — his six children are Miranda (17), Jacee (13), Jerome (11), Jaylin (8), Jordyn (6) and Jazmin (5).

How I stay healthy

“I work out every day. I like to run.” While running a 5K recently with his wife, Mark’s competitiveness drove him to a “pretty decent finish for a guy his age.” By the end of the race Mark was utterly exhausted and realized that he needed to work on his pacing before they sign up for their next race.

How I relax

“Basketball is relaxing for me, it’s what I love and what I am passionate about.” Away from the court Mark enjoys family fishing and camping adventures. “I grew up fishing with my grandfather and have passed that along to my children.”

Favorite father figure

“I grew up in a single parent home, and that is a big motivator for me as a father. Coaches have been very instrumental in my life...I hit the gold mine when it came to great coaches.”

Best fatherly advice

“Pay attention. Because I am so busy, especially on the weekends at tournaments, I make an effort to maximize quality time with the kids any chance we are together.” The Washington family prioritizes communication during family dinners. When his children are sharing stories Mark makes sure he is making eye contact and is really tuned in to what is important to them.


Andy Womack

First-time father, Andy Womack is overwhelmed with pride at each new accomplishment achieved by daughter Aven (9 1/2 months). His heart swells with love every time she smiles at him. To say Aven has him wrapped around her little finger is an understatement.

How I relax

“I really enjoy chilling out watching sports and relaxing. Aven will take a long nap on my chest. It’s the best thing ever.”

How I plan to spend my first Father's Day

Andy will be working in Colorado at Young Life’s Summer Camp for several weeks in June. His wife and daughter will be visiting for a brief reunion and will be returning to Wichita on Father’s Day. As far as Andy is concerned, Father’s Day is just one day, but fatherhood is forever.

Favorite fictional father

“The dad from Field of Dreams — because baseball is a big part of my life.” Kevin Costner’s role as Ray Kinsella is an iconic repre- sentation of the unspoken bond between father and daughter.

Best fatherly advice

“My Dad instilled a lot of leadership skills in me, and I hope to pass those same lessons on to Aven...I try to lead by example, by loving first and taking care of those around me.”


Buck Morris

Being blessed with a special needs child has been the primary influence on Buck Morris’ parenting perspective. “Our entire world has opened up to new experiences. Things we would otherwise take too seriously or get wrapped up in really don’t matter as much as happiness, health and being together.” Buck is “Dad” to Braxton (7), Corban (5) and Leah (3) — a fun- loving family who is always on the go.

How I relax

Buck unwinds at the gym or while taking a long run. “I enjoy anything involving sports. I get up super early in the morning to work out... that’s my escape time.”

How I stay healthy

“Staying physically active is important... playing with the kids and coaching their sports.”

Favorite fictional father

Buck recognizes that many father figures portrayed in modern media are not great role models, but Bill Cosby’s portrayal of Dr. Cliff Huxtable has always been one of his favorite characters. Known as a kind-hearted, dedicated father with a silly sense of humor, Huxtable wasn’t afraid to deal with the heavy issues.

Best fatherly advice

“Be intentionally present in your kids lives as much as possible...when you come home after a long day at work, you need to put on a different hat and become Dad.”

Dads weigh in

Dads throughout Wichita are easy to please — a relaxing day with their favorite home-cooked meal topped our survey about what Dad wanted to do on Father’s Day.

20% of Dads would like to play golf or spend the day with family.

10% say they want something golf related or a homemade gift from the kids.

20% would like burgers at the local dive.

Maintaining sophisticated stubble

Sophisticated stubble can add interest to your face, making your jaw look more angular and giving you a more masculine look. From the coffee shop to the boardroom, the workplace continues to evolve to a permanent state of casual where facial hair is no longer seen as scruffy. Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to achieve an office appropriate sophisticated stubble.

Do. Compliment the rugged look by wearing soft, smooth fabrics and tailored styles which tone down your whiskers.

Don’t. You need to ditch the grunge. Three days worth of beard growth combined with raggedy clothes will leave you looking dishev- eled. You’re going for rugged and sexy, not unkempt and smelly.

Do. Keep your facial hair clean and well groomed by using the same shampoo as you use on your hair. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo and condition well. Exfoliate frequently to avoid ingrown hairs.

Don’t. Don’t go out of the lines. To keep your look professional and polished Master Barber, Dave Tingley recommends keeping the hair on your cheeks and neck tidy. Using the lowest setting on a beard trimmer, cut the hair growing at the edges of your neck and cheeks, then gradually increase the blade length as you move toward the jawline for a natural look. Tingley suggests trimming once or twice a week depending on the rate of your hair growth.

Do. Start growing your whiskers over the weekend or while you’re away from the office on vacation. Let it grow out a bit and then trim the hair back and shape your beard to achieve the look you want before returning to work with your new designer stubble.

Don’t. If your facial hair just isn't growing in evenly, if your wife refuses to kiss you or if your boss looks like he's going to fire you - then reach for the razor and pretend it never happened.

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