From roofs to restorations to remodeling

R.T.I. is the easy choice

Written by Joe Stumpe

R.T.I. is a diverse business driven by one simple philosophy: "Our goal is to be the best at what we do while helping people," said founder and CEO Mike Page.

What that means is that whether you call R.T.I. for flood or fire reconstruction, commercial or residential roofing or any of its other services, you're always going to get the best work possible.

Mike's family has a long history in construction-related work, starting with his father, George Page. Maybe best known for replacing copper roofing on the Kansas State capital building, George Page went on to do roofing and general construction projects from Wichita to Key West, Florida.

Mike himself has been in the industry for over 35 years. High-profile corporate clients include Pepsi-Co., Tony's Pizza, Quik-Trip and Raytheon, and he's continued his father's interest in historic projects by working on restorations of the Allen-Lambe house (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) in Wichita, the Melrose Mansion in Natchez, Mississippi and many others.

Mike's sons, Kyle Howard and Colt Page, are an integral part of the company and continue to improve quality control processes for the next generation.

Mike gets just as much satisfaction from helping regular homeowners with their needs. He's very experienced in helping people get everything they're entitled from their insurance claims, then performs the necessary work to make their home as good or better than before.

"We're working for the homeowner, that way we never have a conflict of interest," he said.

Remodeling and construction work is another specialty of R.T.I. Mike has a particular interest in the emerging field of "biographical architecture," which incorporates clients' histories into their surroundings.

"So every time you walk through your home or business, there are reminders of people and things that are important to you," Mike said.

His own home and office incorporate many reminders of his own milestones, from palm fronds picked near his beloved vacation home in Destin to wood salvaged near a mission project he worked on in South America. "Every time I go up those stairs, I pray for that school in Argentina," he said.

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