The Air Capital Classic

A vital piece of the Wichita community


Many people in the Wichita community know about the Air Capital Classic golf tournament, but they may not know just how important the tournament is for our community.

This event is the best I have ever been associated with, says Roy Turner, Tournament Director. You don't need to be a golf fan to enjoy all that the Classic has to offer, including social events, amazing food, fundraisers and more. “The great golf is a huge bonus of the tournament, but it isn't the most important thing. We host fifteen different fundraisers the week before the tournament and all that money goes to local charities.

Last year alone, the Classic donated over $100,000. Restaurants, hotels, and other local retailers receive boosts as well an estimated $4.5 million during last year's event, to be exact. The Air Capital Classic is incomparable in terms of its size, consistency, and financial impact. Once people have seen what the tournament has to offer they always want to return, volunteer, or even sponsor the event.

The Air Capital Classic raises money for charities, brings in tourism from all over the U.S. and all over the world. Craig Burns | CEO Security 1st Title

The sponsors are what keep this event around. The Ambassador Program is a way for community and business leaders to assist in diversifying the sponsorship base and solidifying the future of the tournament. Our Ambassadors and sponsors are stepping forward and saying this is a community event worthy of their support.

It is worthy of yours, too.

Below, you'll find what lovers of the tournament have to say. Some are volunteers, some are sponsors, some are fans they have different connections to the tournament, but the shared support and love is undeniable:

This event is a jewel for our community no matter how you look at it. Economic impact, charitable contribution, or the plain entertainment value… it's a win for South Central Kansas! Talking with PGA TOUR officials and players, they confirm that the Air Capital Classic is one of the top 3 events on the tour. They say it's a combination of the people of our community, sponsors, volunteers, tournament leadership and Crestview Country Club that make it so special. It's time for our community to step up and support this event on a broader, more long-term basis in order to insure its future for at least another 23 years. I am confident this community will do just that.”

Troy Jordan, Division Director at INTRUST Bank Arena

“The Air Capital Classic brings both excitement and notoriety to Wichita. BKD was honored to be one of the inaugural Ambassadors for the tournament. This event allowed us the opportunity to step forward to support a significant event for Wichita at a critical moment while also providing the benefit to promote our brand. Congratulations to Roy Turner, the Board of Directors and all the volunteers who worked to make the Air Capital Classic such a success.”

Bill Pickert, BKD CPA’s and Advisers Managing Partner and Air Capital Ambassador in 2013

“What a win for Wichita! The Air Capital Classic raises money for charities, brings in tourism from all over the U.S. and all over the world. We have a wonderful city and state and it's a great way to help further showcase both. Our Wichita community has hosted this incredible golf tournament for many years. Security 1ST Title is proud of being a part of this tournament from the beginning, its evolution, and its continued success.

Craig Burns, CEO Security 1st Title

The Air Capital Classic is a tremendous sporting event for our community. It provides an opportunity for the greater Wichita area to see outstanding golfers who are at various stages of their careers trying to make it to or back onto the PGA TOUR. Roy Turner and his team provide a great environment for corporate entertaining of customers, vendors and employees and they continue to make the venue better every year.

Marlon King, Chairman of the Wichita Sports Commission Board

The Air Capital Classic is not only an exciting addition to the cultural identity and quality of life of our community, but the event generates significant support for our local charities. All of us are proud of Roy Turner and his leadership team for the manner in which they produce this valuable asset for our enjoyment

Dave Unruh, Sedgwick County Commissioner

“The Air Capital Classic is a stellar golf tournament that brings big business and, quite frankly, a lot of fun to Wichita and surrounding communities. The pomp and circumstance that comes with the tournament raises money for quality charities and showcases that Wichita is a city capable of putting on a first class event as communities twice its size.

Kara Sewell, KWCH 12 Morning News Anchor

The Air Capital Classic provides Crestview Country Club a great opportunity to showcase our club to the city of Wichita while hosting some of the greatest golfers in the world. The Air Capital Classic is partnered with Wichita based charities and the tournament allows Crestview to play a part in that process. The Air Capital Classic brings national recognition not only to Crestview Country Club, but to the city of Wichita as well.

Ken Nicholas, General Manager at Crestview Country Club

“The opportunity to be inside the ropes at a major PGA event is something so enjoyed by the Air Capital Classic’s Marshals. Our Marshals have been very dedicated and all have many stories to tell about their own experiences helping with the Air Capital Classic and its beneficiaries.”

Gordon Gresham, longtime volunteer and overseer of the Classic’s Marshals

“Go Wichita understands the impact tourism has on our community. Events like the Air Capital Classic bring people to Wichita to experience all we have to offer. These visitors not only participate in the Classic, but they eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores and stay in our hotels which benefits the entire community.”

Susie Santo, Go Wichita President and CEO

“The Air Capital Classic PGA TOUR event is one of the finest in our city. It cannot be overlooked as an attraction most cities would die for, yet at times seems to be under appreciated. The finest professional golfers come to town and we have a chance to interact with them for almost a week. Equally important, even after the golfers leave, our charities benefit. It is so gratifying that the players love our city and the quality of the event Roy puts on. These players become ambassadors for Wichita as they travel the world. Wichita couldn’t buy this kind of goodwill and exposure.”

Jack Pelton, Former CEO of Cessna and co-chair of Air Capital Charities, Inc. Board

“The Air Capital Classic is a true winner for Wichita and the surrounding area. Roy Turner, director of the tournament, has built this tournament to be one of the biggest events in Wichita, generating 4.2 million dollars in revenue for local Wichita businesses and raising over $200,000 for local charities. The touring pros love Crestview Country Club and the hospitality the city provides for them, and if you visited the 17th, where I spent the tournament, you would understand why the pros think it is the best hole on the tour. The PGA TOUR stars of tomorrow play right here in Wichita, Kansas. Roy Turner, Debbie Burch, volunteers, and spectators make this tournament a great event for Wichita.”

Don Hall, KEYN Radio

“I feel the Air Capital Classic gives the community a number of opportunities, ranging from exposing the greatness of our golf community and hospitality to the outside world represented by the PGA TOUR players and the PGA TOUR itself, to being a great vehicle for local companies and their consumers to connect with each other at a sporting event, to exposing the youth of our community (through its dedicated junior day) to such a global sport and to the charitable nature of what we in Wichita can achieve for others in need.”

Martin Park, Owner of Mommy’s Helper and a member of the Air Capital Charities Board

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