Too hot for the kitchen!

Timirie Shibley shows off results of nine-month SPLURGE! makeover


Runner Ups

Back in March of this year, Timirie Shibley was hustling as co-owner of the new Doo-Dah Diner. She was wearing about a dozen different hats with not much time or money to devote to the hairdo under those proverbial hats.

“We opened on a shoestring,” she says, “but it was really more like used dental floss.

I haven’t been the priority — I’ve never been high-maintenance to begin with.” On most days, Shibley could be found with hair slapped into a ponytail, her face unencumbered by makeup. Although she spent hours smiling and welcoming customers into the diner, her yellowing teeth had developed a noticeable gap in front and her look in general wasn’t keeping pace with her sparkling, outgoing personality.

When a customer said they’d written into the Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives to recommend the restaurant, Shibley replied, “Good grief! before Guy Fieri comes to town, I’m going to need a makeover.”

Enter the SPLURGE! makeover team, a bevy of Wichita health and beauty providers who’ve spent the last nine months lasering, buffing, styling and medicating our subject from head to toe.

“I was a freckle face since I was in kindergarten,” she says, “but now the sun spots are 90% gone. My face is amazing!” Thanks go to Spa MD at Innovative Vein, which donated three rounds of IPL laser treatments, three rounds of Pixel laser treatments and a hydrafacial. She’s also flashing an incandescent new smile courtesy of veneers and whitening by Dr. Kreg Boynton of Boynton Family Dental Arts. “The gap is gone and they look great!”

“I feel very blessed as a busy, new business owner. It’s something I would never do for myself — this was above and beyond.”

See more before-and-after photos here.

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