the Not Wedding

What is the Not Wedding?

The Not Wedding is an event that revolutionizes the way we think of bridal shows. Rather than having vendors set up booths in a convention hall, the Not Wedding brings their vendors to life and allows for the bride to actually visualize what they could do for her special day. All vendors are hand selected by the Not Wedding, and each of them perform their services just as they would at an actual wedding. The event doesn't just emulate a real wedding, it actually feels like one. You'll begin at a sweet and emotional ceremony and progress through the night just as you would at a friend's wedding — there's dinner and drinks, music, photo booths, dancing — you name it, the Not Wedding has a vendor that provides it. Brides and their guests can sample catering, cakes, view floral arrangements, check out the latest in invitations and favors, and much more. From the gowns and tuxes to photography and flowers, it doesn't get much more realistic than this.

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Who is the Not Wedding for?

Whether you're planning a wedding, have a friend who's getting married or are even only thinking about getting married one day — this event offers something for everyone.

What does the Not Wedding provide?

For brides, grooms and their loved ones, it provides inspiration and acts as a resource for finding trusted wedding vendors. For the vendors who participate, the event exposes their business to new referral sources while simultaneously exposing each vendor to new inspiration and additional resources.

Dive into the Not Wedding

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Tim and Amy

Tim and Amy

About the Not Wedding Wichita Couple (they're actually married!)

Tim and Amy — the Proposal

Friday, November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) was approaching and Tim and I had wanted to do something fun and planned a trip to KC to see friends, family and enjoy a weekend away. I knew Tim wanted to propose on 11-11-11 as he had made mention to it before. He let me know that week that he would not be proposing because he could not find a ring, as my request was rather unique. I thought he might be trying to use my gullibility to his advantage as he frequently does, but when he asked if we could go look at rings again next week I began to believe he was serious. He seemed really down about the situation and so was I, but I wanted to cheer him up. So I began to say things like, “I am glad you’re not proposing tonight because my nails aren’t looking too good” and “I think it’ll be good to get some more counseling under our belt before we get engaged.”

We had dinner that night at the Melting Pot on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. They took us to this very private room in the back with just enough seating for two. I made mention that “this would be a great place to propose if you were going to tonight ;)” After dinner we walked around the Plaza to spend up some time as we waited to meet up with friends. He walked me over the JC Nichols Fountain. There was a couple sitting on a bench close to us and I wanted to walk to the other side but Tim insisted we stay. He then pulled out a note that he had written to me. A month ago he told me about his note and that it was hidden somewhere for me to find. Its location had been bothering me for a month and I was happy to finally find it! I read aloud about his love for me, what has brought us to today, and what his intentions were for our future. When I had finished reading, he was down on one knee saying “Amy Leigh, will you marry me?” What was said after that is all a blur, but “yes” was uttered in there somewhere. It was an amazing end to 11-11-11.

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The Not Wedding History

In 2008, aspiring wedding photographer Callie Murray was looking for a way to effectively build her new business. With the goals of promoting small businesses, inspiring brides & grooms and encouraging solid marriages, she rallied her wedding industry friends together to create the ultimate wedding experience: a perfectly planned “wedding” where brides-to-be could actually see vendors in action. The inaugural Not Wedding was a hit, and it became an annual event in Atlanta. Callie has since been joined by an amazing team of people who have helped bring The Not Wedding to multiple cities across the country.

Ashley Moore came across an Atlanta Not Wedding through Facebook and fell in love with the concept and heart behind the event. “For almost a year I pursued Callie; the founder, in hopes that she would see Wichita as a good fit for the event even though it was a smaller market than the other events. My persistence caught Callie's attention and she invited me to San Diego to attend a Not Wedding in the flesh! I immediately knew that I wanted this to be a part of the wedding industry in Wichita without a doubt and immediately began the process shortly after!”

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