Wichita teen is a tennis phenom

Written by Lily Shawver

Katie Swan, 15, had her first tennis lesson at the tender age of 7 while on vacation in Portugal with her family. She only had a couple of lessons, but the coach told her she had potential.

Taking this coach’s advice, Swan began tennis lessons back in her native England. This was the beginning to her path of incredible success.

One of Swan’s highlights from playing in England was winning the British nationals when she was 10. While representing Great Britain on many occasions, Swan eventually became the No. 1 player under 14.

Swan’s family moved from England to Wichita just last year. She was not ranked in the United States, giving Swan motivation to work harder than ever.

She is currently working with Colin Foster, Wichita State women’s tennis coach, and Rex Coad, head tennis pro at the Wichita Country Club. Swan also does her fitness training at Bodyworx with Tracy Wehrman.

“They are a great team, and the communication between all three of them is really good,” Swan said.

She recently won her first International Tennis Federation title this year and brought her international ranking up to 75 for girls under 18. This qualified Swan to play in the junior division of Wimbledon this July.

Being able to go and play at Wimbledon is the opportunity of a lifetime for any tennis player. Swan felt especially motivated by the supportive crowd during her matches.

“Just being around all the pros and getting to play on some of the best courts in the world was such an honor,” Swan said. “I loved every minute, and I hope I will get to play there many more times.”

Swan is also an upcoming sophomore at Wichita Collegiate. Sometimes it can be hard to balance her academic and tennis careers, but she finds time for her studies while traveling to tournaments.

“It is tough sometimes to feel motivated to study while I’m away at tournaments,” Swan said. “But I know it is important to do well in my studies, and Collegiate has been so great in helping me work while I’m away.”

It is obvious that Swan has a deep passion for tennis. She loves competing to win, as well as traveling all over the world and meeting new people.

“I love tennis, and my favorite part is just being on the court – whether it’s the match court or the training court,” Swan said. “And putting in the work will help me to become a professional tennis player.”

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