Hip, hip for Hooray Ranch

Kingman Property offers one-of-a-kind experience

Written by Joe Stumpe | Photography by Visual Fusion Photographics

When Eric and Wendy Dunn set out to create the Hooray Ranch, they thought big and long-term.

As in 11,000 acres of land and five custom-built lodges, sitting in some of the prettiest country around and all within 35 minutes of Wichita.

Haven't heard of the Hooray? Don't worry. You will. You can't keep a place like this rural Shangri La under wraps for long. Although primarily established to offer premium hunting experiences, the property is available for weddings, corporate retreats and other events, too.

"Once people see what Hooray is, it's an absolute destination," Eric Dunn said, in what can be called an understatement.

"This place has been created so that every piece of furniture, every bedroom is unique," added Chad Pore, the ranch's director of marketing. As for the location outside Kingman, "It's obviously a very peaceful setting, beautiful views. People can enjoy a rustic experience."

That combination of luxury and the outdoors didn't come easy, or cheap. The Dunns developed Colwich-based Quality Solutions Inc. into a successful property management and maintenance company before selling most of their share in it four years ago. Since then, developing Hooray has been their joint passion.

Eric Dunn got some ideas from visiting many well-known lodges and hunting clubs across the country. He cites another inspiration as well: the storied Augusta National Golf Course, the home of The Masters golf tournament that's famed for its beauty as much as its course.

After buying Hooray in 2011, the Dunns travelled to Canada, bought old barns and had them disassembled for their wood. The lumber was then sent to North Carolina to be kiln dried before being shipped to Kansas for use in the Hooray's lodges.

"About 85 to 90 percent has been created from reconditioned lumber," Eric said. "Some of the wood is 150 years old."

Eric Dunn said his wife made sure no two rooms look alike. Custom-made furnishing from tables and chairs to lampshades carry the Hooray logo.

Since opening last year, the Hooray Ranch has been known mostly to duck and deer hunters, who've already reserved limited hunting spots there through 2020. The property is located on the Central Flyway waterfowl migration route and includes 59 pieces of water, including a 30-acre lake behind the main lodge, The Mallard.

"Last year, we had every single guest rebook for this year," Eric said.

The main and smaller lodges sleep about 40 people. Other facilities include a conference center, offices, spa, gym and state-of-the-art kitchen. The newest building, The Refuge, offers a 4,000-square-foot space for large gatherings. Another building, The Gut Hut, is a cigar bar-type space outfitted with pool table, shuffleboard and darts, Pore said.

The Dunns say they created Hooray Ranch with the future in mind. As successful as their other business was, it didn't feel like the kind of legacy they wanted to leave their children. This does.

"Hooray is here forever," Eric said. "Someday, hopefully, our grandkids grandkids will look back and remember us creating this place."

Hooray Ranch

2602 S. Sego Road, Kingman
To book an event, contact Chad Pore, marketing director, 316-683-3070
For more info, visit hoorayranch.com

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