Our Cover, Your Kid

Meet Kaci & Delainey

Written by Kelsy Ralston | Photography by Tobie Andrews Photograph

Delainey and Kaci Stephenson are true girly girls. Just look at those headbands! The two sisters have some prior modeling experience, and it shows. "They both love being in front of the camera for any reason," their mother, Deja Stephenson, said. "They will even take pictures or videos of each other for fun."

The brunette 7-year-old, Delainey, is outgoing and enthusiastic. "She loves social events especially if she's hosting!" Deja said. If she's not playing with her little sister, you can find Delainey making videos or baking (with help of course!). When she grows up, Delainey wants to be a teacher.

Kaci, the blonde 4-year-old, loves to be outdoors and do gymnastics. "She likes to be around friends and play but also likes to have time to herself," Deja said. You can also spot Kaci driving around in her pink Mustang. Kaci said she wants to be a "pet-narian" when she grows up, or a veterinarian in other words!

If they decide not to go the teaching and veterinary routes, they sure have a future in modeling. "I think what sets them apart was their comfort and confidence in front of the camera," Deja said."They are also so in sync, so they take pictures so good together you can see how much they love each other!"

Congratulations to Delainey and Kaci, the 2015 Our Cover, Your Kid contest winners!

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