Find your love zone

Roommate or soul mate? Discover your romance rating

Written by Karen Long

Your eyes met across a crowded classroom, or the boardroom becomes not-so-boring when he's in it. Whether you connect on Tinder or at the Texas Roadhouse, you wonder if your mutual chemistry is one of the mind, the heart or parts further south. Take this scientifically certified quiz to discover which love quadrant you're currently occupying.

1. Your couple's tattoo would be:

A. Matching pugs
B. Two halves of an eternity symbol
C. Cheetos dust
D. Fermat's Last Theorem

2. Your preferred medium of communication:

A. Live-tweeting "The Bachelor" together
B. Long talks by the river
C. Risque chats on Facebook Messenger
D. Debating credit risk via email

3. What is your favorite couple's workout?

A. He spots you on the trampoline
B. It's a toss-up between the jacuzzi and the dry sauna
C. A post-run massage
D. Conference call on the treadmill

4. After a disagreement you were reunited when:

A. He called you about a sale on Converse high-tops
B. He raced to the airport and begged you not to get on the plane
C. You ran into each other in Vegas and woke up with a ring on your hand D. He fixed your laptop right
before the big presentation

5. Your first date was interrupted by:

A. A foul ball to left field
B. A romantic walk in the rain
C. Room service delivery
D. A courier with the latest deposition

6. When you look at him you feel:

A. Mildly hypoglycemic
B. Sweaty feet
C. Tingly palms
D. Deadline panic

7. Your favorite shared activity:

A. A Shocker game and nachos
B. Wichita Grand Opera followed by dessert at Cocoa Dolce
C. Hog Wild Pit BBQ delivered while you watch "Teen Wolf"
D. Diet Snapple over spreadsheets

8. In the relationship you often assume the role of:

A. Freaky twin
B. Holly Golightly
C. French maid
D. Life coach

9. The biggest surprise was:

A. For your birthday he assembled a Zen basket complete with incense and a meditation CD
B. A crop circle proposal while skydiving
C. Him texting you four hours in advance for a date
D. The day he actually did his own homework

10. On your last date:

A. You paid
B. He paid
C. You both borrowed his roommate's Netflix account
D. His boss paid

11. He reads aloud to you from:

A. A Chinese takeout menu
B. "The 5 Love Languages"
C. A lingerie coloring book
D. "Bloomberg Business Week"

12. On Halloween your couple's costume would be:

A. Heisenberg and Jesse
B. Shrek and Fiona
C. Prison warden and sexy inmate
D. Buttercup and Westley


Each A answer = 1 point
Each B answer = 4 points
Each C answer = 3 points
Each D answer = 2 points

THE BUDDY ZONE He loves ya, as a friend. If you want someone to trim your bangs he's your guy, but passion isn't his forte.

THE BRAINY ZONE You have a meeting of the cerebral cortex and he might even be your work husband, but if you're looking for a real husband things don't add up.

THE BOOTY ZONE For sheer pheromones nothing beats the heat with your manimal. When the ride's over however, he'll move on to the next fox.

THE BONDING ZONE You've found true affection and understanding, someone who loves you, quirks and all. Try not to flaunt it too much.

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