Silicon Valley thrives in Wichita

Social Networking Technology taps talented workforce

Written by Kristin Baker | Photography by Visual Fusion Photographics

Social Networking Technology (SNT), a cutting-edge company using internet trends analysis to glean advertising profit, came to Wichita last year from the San Francisco Bay area because it found the city's workforce appealing.

John Miller, Social Networking Technology's chief revenue officer, said Wichita State University's engineering school and the aerospace industry combine to create a talented engineering work force for companies like SNT. "We started to grow bigger and gain partners, and we needed a lot of stuff very quickly," Miller said. "We needed guys who would work faster and harder, more guys than we could get in Silicon Valley."

Miller said employees the company has hired in Wichita have impressed the company's executives, CEO Kevin Owens, company chairman Stuart Bruck, David McNamee and Miller. "The quality of people here from project managers to graphic designers to developers and engineers, across the board it's just amazing, the quality and the attitude. There is a real can-do attitude. We are all very much a team here."

The company occupies the 10th floor of the High Touch Technologies building at 110 S. Main St. Currently it is developing the fourth floor of the building as the Heartland Tech Center, an auditorium and conference center where the company will bring in advertising and media partners and others who are interested in technology trends.

"This will put Wichita on the map as far as technology is concerned," Miller said.

SNT has a data engine that analyzes what topics are trending in news, social media and search engine requests within geographic locations, Miller said. Using a predictive algorithm, the company then generates content modules, called widgets, based on the trends.

The company partners with large media companies like the LA Times and NBC-owned broadcast stations and places widgets, which include advertisements, on their media websites. The widgets offer news consumers information that is current and relevant to what they are reading. For example, someone reading the sports section might stumble upon a widget that says, "NBA players with the most rebounds per game in 2015," while someone perusing the finance section might click on a headline that says, "Top Nasdaq companies with the best percent gain."

"This will put Wichita on the map as far as technology is concerned." John Miller

As readers click the widgets, SNT gains advertising dollars and splits the profit with the media company.

Currently, SNT employs just more than 50 people in Wichita and plans to expand further to nearly double this number. Miller said the company is thriving in Kansas. "People always ask us who are biggest competitors are, and the thing is we are really the only ones doing this right now," he said. "We are really out in front of everything." To learn more about Social Networking Technology, visit

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