Tips to have a stress-free holiday season

Do you look forward to the holidays, or do you panic with the thought of all you have to do? Getting organized is the key to managing a fantastic, stress- free season. Thoughtful planning, deliberate delegation, focusing on simplicity and slowing down to enjoy family and friends will help you survive  and actually enjoy  the upcoming weeks.

Make a to do list

Start a running list of to do's that need to be completed before the holidays. If you break your large projects into smaller tasks, it will make things seem more manageable.

Start gift brainstorming and buying early

Think about whom you need to buy for and make a list of names. Try to avoid making the list too long. If there are too many gifts to buy and not enough money, consider a heartfelt card or even a homemade card for some. Once you have your gift list, try buying just one or two gifts a week until Christmas to avoid spending too much in a short span of time.

Learn to delegate

Stop trying to do everything yourself. Assign each task from the list you created to a specific family member. Then, ask yourself, Where is it important that I spend my time? How do I want to spend my time? Delete or delegate everything else. For example, get someone else to clean the house or invite guests to each bring their favorite dishes for a potluck.

Your family can help

Set aside one day for everyone in your family to help with decorations. Pick a day that everyone will be home and willing to help. Put on some seasonal music to set the mood and then start decorating. Divide up tasks if needed. Usually the tree is one that everyone wants to help with, so save it for last.

Say no sometimes

It's okay to say no. Company parties, family get-togethers, all-day shopping excursions, cookie bakes  they'll zap your energy fast! Is it time for a reality check on your priorities? Let your involvement in activities be aligned with your goals, not determined by the open slots in your schedule.

Schedule time for you

Book personal time first. If you fail to schedule the time initially, it won't be there later! Block off an afternoon, an hour or even ten minutes to enjoy what energizes you and lifts your spirits this holiday season.

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