Hooray Ranch

Breathtaking scenery, impeccable service, unforgettable experience

Written by Julie Schillings | Photography by Visual Fusion Photographics

With over 30 years of event planning experience, Pam Regehr, Fidelity Bank community relations and corporate events manager, knows a thing or two about event venues throughout the midwest region. Regehr calls Hooray Ranch a "wow" facility. "There's nothing like it in the United States," she says noting the staff's attention to detail, outstanding meals provided by the in-house chef, the engaging activities and the beautiful landscape.

More than 70 members of Fidelity Bank's senior management team from Wichita, Oklahoma City and Kansas City assembled at Hooray Ranch last spring for an annual retreat. Regehr says the team insisted that the 2017 gathering be held at Hooray Ranch once again and that's a first.

"We have never repeated a location for our meeting," Regehr explains that historically a new surprise venue is selected each year, but after their unforgettable experience at Hooray Ranch, the Fidelity Bank leadership is re-booking at "the most unique setting in Kansas."

Located in Kingman a short drive west of Wichita the Hooray Ranch is a modern masterpiece. Hooray Ranch is a place where each guest can enjoy a customized and unique experience. The avid hunter can escape for an all-inclusive adventure and a world class hunt. The beautiful Kansas prairie transforms into a picturesque backdrop for an elegant wedding. Business leaders can conduct meetings with access to all of their technology needs in the conference center and simply step out the door to unplug and reconnect with colleagues.

The ranch features over 20,000 acres of intensively managed prime wildlife habitat in the heart of Kansas. Because of its location on the Central Flyway waterfowl migration route, the Hooray Ranch is popular with duck and deer hunters, who have already reserved limited hunting spots through the year 2020. It's hard to keep a good thing secret and Hooray Ranch has now evolved into a destination for corporate events and family celebrations.

Six stately buildings span the campus of the Hooray Ranch. After buying the ranch in 2011, owners Wendy and Eric Dunn traveled to Canada, acquired and disassembled old barns for their wood. The lumber was then kiln dried before being shipped to Kansas. According to the Dunns some of the wood used in the lodges is at least 150 years old, and about 85 to 90 percent has been created from reconditioned lumber.

At the centerpiece of the property sits The Refuge which serves as the main gathering place and dining area. Large open floor plan offers space to entertain large parties. The Refuge houses the "Duck Blind" bar with multiple flat screen televisions and a stately stone fireplace with a view overlooking the 30-acre roosting lake. Six double occupancy suites and four single occupancy suites provide lodging in The Refuge.

Mallard Mansion is a 10,000 square foot five bedroom home designed with exquisite attention to detail. "The ranch has been created so that every piece of furniture, every bedroom is unique," says Chad Pore, the ranch's general manager. "It's a very peaceful setting with beautiful views. People can enjoy a rustic, yet comfortable, experience here." Other facilities include additional lodging, conference center, offices, spa, gym and state-of-the-art kitchen. Outfitted with pool table, shuffleboard and darts, The Gut Hut, is a popular space where guests can go to relax and reconnect.

Recognizing that each group is unique, Hooray Ranch's special event coordinator, James Christenson customizes every private event to the precise needs of the guests. "I begin every event with a clean slate, and work with clients to create an unforgettable experience," Christenson explains.

The ranch can accommodate multi-day events or a single day getaway. In addition to hunting groups, fundraising events, weddings, reunions and business meetings have enjoyed Hooray Ranch's unique setting. Recreational activities around the ranch range from bean bags and horseshoes to spa services. Christenson and the Hooray Ranch staff take care of each minute detail so that event planners can relax and enjoy themselves Fidelity Bank's Regehr can attest to that.

"The landscape here, with the wildlife is beautiful," Christenson says. "Our ranch is a pristine setting that cannot be recreated anywhere else."

Wendy and Eric Dunn created Hooray Ranch with future generations in mind. They strive to exceed the expectations of every guest whether they are an avid hunter, wildlife enthusiast or attending a private event. They go above and beyond to create an unforgettable experience at Hooray Ranch that each guest will cherish for a lifetime.

Hooray Ranch Information

2602 S. Sego Road, Kingman

To book an event, contact James Christenson, special event coordinator (316) 213-5280 For more information, visit hoorayranch.com

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