Mind and body healing

Written by Kristen Baker

Wichitans struggling with sleeping, maintaining focus, trouble losing weight or making mistakes at work might not immediately think about seeing a neurologist. Dr. Eva Henry of AgeWell Brain Center said visiting her practice might be just the solution. One should seek consultation with an expert who knows how to look for the root cause of problems rather than prescribing potentially addictive medications that do nothing but mask the symptoms or serve as temporary quick-fixes.

"Some neurological symptoms are alarms warning you that your brain is in trouble," Henry said. "So many people blame these problems on aging, and eventually end up with devastating neurodegenerative diseases. So many functional years are lost, and I wish they could have come to me sooner."

Henry is a board-certified neurologist and a fellow at the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine. After her medical residency, she spent two years focusing on treatments like deep brain stimulators for movement disorders plus Botox and spinal cord stimulators for chronic pain.

"What I think is really unique is I have been a traditional neurologist, so I don't object to writing a prescription if a person really needs it," Henry said. "But I keep in mind, we are using it for the short-term just so the person has some relief. Ultimately, true healing comes when we look at the root causes." A comprehensive integrative assessment, including neurotransmitter, hormone, nutrient and genetic analysis in some cases, and most importantly, a detailed neurological physical and cognitive examination that are conducted correctly, are important to detect impairments before permanent brain lesions occur.

Henry suffered from her own illness, and through that experience she realized how important addressing the cause of a person's symptoms is versus treating the symptoms with medications alone.

"I was that sick person," Henry said. "I had an autoimmune disorder and chronic fatigue. I realized I had not found a final solution with the medications prescribed for me when I was asked to add more and more medications, yet I still did not feel well."

Henry's Anti-Aging and Regenerative fellowship taught her how to evaluate a person's entire body to identify root causes. For her own disorders, she said the integrative approach by reversing nutrition, hormone and energy production deficiencies; greatly improved her quality of life.

"I got off all four medications and now I feel 100 times better," Henry said. With her experience, Dr. Henry has unique insights on how neurological illnesses affect people's lives, and on how to recognize and manage neurological disorders when symptoms emerge. Dr. Henry incorporates her knowledge of the most up-to-date breakthroughs in neuroscience into her practice of age management and brain enhancements.

She urges people to be aware that not all facilities have a qualified neurologist to manage and diagnose cognitive problems, and to always ask about credentials. Dr. Henry treats patients with medical grade supplements, nutrients and exercise plans customized specifically for the individual. Often, Henry is able to transition patients away from taking some of their medications by identifying why they feel poorly and treating them as whole people.

"That's the truly rewarding part," Henry said. "I follow a wise mantra: A good doctor listens to your problems and prescribes medications; A great doctor looks deeply and figures out how to stop them."

Eva Henry M.D.

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
American Board of Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine

Agewell Brain Center
10111 E. 21st N #105
Wichita, KS 67206

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