Fetch Bistro, a first in Kansas

From-scratch breakfast and lunch, and you can bring your dog

Written by Joe Stumpe | Photography by Visual Fusion Photographics

As owners of the dog-friendliest restaurant in Kansas, Greg and Pamela Buss want you to know one thing: "We're people lovers, too!" After all, that's why they opened Fetch Bistro, where people can eat alongside their furry best friends. "We wanted it to be a place people would remember, not only for dog lovers, but for good food and great service," Greg said.

Big and bright, featuring a menu packed with comfort food, the place seems to be a hit with customers. "We've had people come all the way from Topeka to eat with their dog," Greg said.

The Busses successfully ran the Egg Crate Cafe on Wichita's west side for five years before looking for another concept. They had often thought it would be great to have a place where they could take their standard poodles, Chuck and Solomon, to eat with them. But with the exception of service dogs, pets aren't allowed in eating establishments in Kansas.

Until Fetch Bistro, that is. The Busses obtained permission from the state and opened in November. Initial plans called for just the patio to be used for canine dining. But pets now have their own side door and an eating area of their own inside, known as "the backyard."

The Busses say about 10 percent of customers bring their dogs. In addition to folks who spoil their pets on a regular basis, Fetch has become the place for special-event canine dining, such as group birthday parties. "It's fun to see people bring presents for their dogs," Greg said. "I think we're the Chuck E. Cheese for dogs."

The Busses combined their experience with that of Damien Scott, former chef at The Good Egg, another popular restaurant specializing in breakfast and lunch. Fetch's breakfast menu features stuffed omelets and crepes, eggs Benedict, frittatas, breakfast burritos, pancakes, "woofles" and the restaurant's signature French toast, made with with bread baked especially for Fetch by Delano Bakery. Try the the to-die-for Chocolate Gateau Amour version, a take on the classic dense French cake, for a memorable start to the day.

Lunch choices include artful sandwiches and entrees such as chicken fried steak, fish tacos, build-your-own mac & cheese, salads and homemade soups, individual-sized pizzas and, of course, the 1/2-pound "Hot Diggity Dog." Both lunch and breakfast are served throughout the day.

Pets get their own menu, described by Pamela as "people food that's healthy for dogs." Sure to be woofed down are the Fur Balls (meatballs and rice with brown gravy), bone-shaped pumpkin cookies, peanut butter and bacon cookies, and Tummy Rub Surprise (bacon, ham and sausage, plus scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese). Greg says eggs are "really good" for dogs' coats.

Fetch also offers catering, and the Busses hope to start serving dinner and alcohol by this spring or summer. The patio, with bocce ball courts, would seem like a natural hangout.

The Busses say they've seen statistics showing that Wichita "is supposed to be one of the top dog-friendly cities in the United States." Thanks to Fetch, it just got a little friendlier.

Fetch Bistro
7718 E. 37th St. N Ste 500

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