Top 10 characteristics of a supermom

Written by Sara Garrison

The term "Supermom" is often used in society today. To some, an ideal Supermom excels at motherhood by balancing family and work. Others idealize the Supermom who stays at home with the kids, chauffeuring their children to activities or volunteering. Regardless of what makes your ideal Supermom, all moms have the same struggle discovering the balance between work, interests, commitments, home and family.

"Everyone can determine their own ideal of a Supermom," explains Vickie Pennick, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with Pennick Family Therapy. "Maybe what works for one mom, doesn't fit your lifestyle. Everyone has the ability to be a Supermom in their own family." Pennick shares a few characteristics of what makes a Supermom.

Love unconditionally.

The ideal mother gives her kids praise and unconditional love. Great Supermoms make their kids feel that they are important. Children want to know their parent will be there if they fall.

Be supportive. Accept your kids for who they are.

It is important to embrace your child and their interests. Children need to have their own identity, not their parent's identity, or what their parent wants their identity to be. Let the kids know that they are individuals, and they are responsible for their own behavior, interests and actions.

Love yourself, and do your best.

As a mom, it is important to understand you are good enough and you are doing your best. Don't try to be the ideal you see in the media or with other moms. You don't know what is really going on in their lives. If a mom doesn't feel they are a good enough parent, then the kids won't feel they are good enough in their own life.

Take care of yourself.

It is important for busy moms to take care of themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. Don't be the self-sacrificing mom who only takes care of the family. It is important to set a positive example and pursue your own interests.

Say no. Manage time effectively.

Time management is one of the most important qualities for any parent. It is important to watch for the warning signs of being overcommitted in your life and your child's life. These warning signs include exhaustion, resentment, feeling agitated, impatient, anxious or depressed. Do your best to schedule down time to stay home together as a family.

Trust yourself.

Listen to yourself when making decisions for you and your family. You know what is best.

Ask for help.

Everyone needs help from time to time. When raising children it often takes a village. Don't be afraid to ask for help from family and friends when you need it.

Nurture all relationships.

It is important for parents to have adult relationships. As a parent it is easy to get wrapped up in your children and to not make time for friends or to forget about your spouse. Partner time is as important as parent time.

Listen to your child.

Everyone wants someone who will listen and hear what they are saying. Children are no exception. Remember to listen to your child when they are speaking, be present and give them your full, undivided attention.

Have empathy and understanding.

It is important to always have empathy and understanding of your child's perspective. All kids need someone they can talk to. Everyone wants to know they are heard and are not invisible. "Being a mother, you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world. You have brought a life into the world and because of that life, the world will never be the same," says Pennick. "What you can control is how you raise your children. You make a difference in the world, even if it is in a small way."

"Everyone has the ability to be a Supermom in their own family." Vickie Pennick

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