New Title Boxing Club a hit in Derby

Written by Joe Stumpe

Brian Cheever likes "Rocky" as much as the next guy. But the boxing scenes it depicts  crusty old manager spitting on the floor, Sylvester Stallone slugging sides of beef  bears no resemblance to Cheever's boxing club.

His place, Title Boxing Club, is a clean, brand-spanking-new workout facility in Derby where members get the benefits of boxing without the pain.

In other words, where boxing is a non-contact sport.

The concept has made Title Boxing Club one of the fastest-growing exercise franchises in the nation. Cheever is certainly seeing enthusiasm for it in Derby. The one-month-old club has 160 members and signs up more every day.

Title Boxing workouts are typically one-hour sessions designed to burn calories and tone muscles through a variety of activities. After a warm-up period, the heart of the workout is eight, three-minute "rounds" that members fight with punching bags. Each is separated by one minute of rest, long enough for participants to catch their breath while still keeping their heart rates elevated. Members are given instruction in throwing punches and footwork by instructors, who Cheever says are a big part of the experience.

"The trainer is in the middle of the room, giving members motivation and structure," he said.

Professional mixed martial artist "Dave the Caveman" Rickels is just about the best-known of half a dozen male and female instructors employed at the club. "It was very important to him and I that David was a part of this club," Cheever said.

In addition to group classes held throughout the day, members are welcome to use the club's weights, cardiovascular machines and shower in the 3,600-square-foot facility. More advanced members can step into a ring in the club and fire blows at an instructor wearing padded punching mitts, but no actual fighting or sparring is allowed.

Interestingly enough, given boxing's history, about 70 percent of members so far are women. "This is something different," said Hannah Henry, a former basketball player for Trinity High School who enjoyed her first workout at Title recently. "You get a full body workout in an hour."

Learning to box "is a confidence booster," Cheever added. "The classes are designed for anybody, regardless of shape, size, gender and ability, because members can go at their own pace."

A former police officer and then a manager at Spirit AeroSystems, Cheever said he started thinking about opening a Title Boxing Club franchise within weeks of first visiting one. His partner in the venture is his mother, Carolyn LeBosquet. When they found a suitable space on busy Rock Road in Derby, he says, "It was like a shining moment."

Title Boxing Club
620 N. Rock Road, Suite 350
Derby, KS 67037

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