Our Cover, Your Kid

Contest winner Brooklynn Bolster

Written by Julie Hying

This year's contest winner of the SPLURGE! Our Cover, Your Kid contest is a beautiful, blue-eyed little princess. Brooklynn is a natural behind the camera and captured the hearts of our judges this year. Her cupcake cheeks and sweet lips come to life when she smiles for photographers as well as for those she loves.

She resides with her family in Belle Plaine, Kan. A special late addition to her family, her older siblings, two brothers and a sister, are all over the age of 18. Little sister Brooklynn earns both their teasing as well as their attention and adoration. She is also beloved by Glamma and Papa Ast who are not her biological grandparents but who love and support Brooklynn and her family. They include, encourage, and treat her like their own granddaughter.

Brooklynn spends time playing with and snuggling the family's dogs, a Great Dane named Meg, and Aspen, their Husky. She enjoys creative time with Play-Doh and colors. Her greatest love, however, is spending time bouncing on a trampoline.

Her mother, Robin, heard about this contest on Wichita's own B98 FM radio and decided to take a chance with this fun opportunity. Although Brooklynn is only one year old and won't be two until early this spring, she can be found joking with people and loves to say, "seriously?"

Congratulations, Miss Brooklyn!

Runner-up Amir Patel

In a very close competition, Amir Patel was named this year's runner up. This charming, stylish boy came in second place in the Our Cover, Your Kid contest. His mother, Auddie Cordero, says she entered her son in the contest because he's so naturally photogenic, and the opportunities for young boys and girls who wish to pursue modeling are few and far between here in the Midwest.

Amir and his family live in northeast Wichita, and he attends pre-K at Wichita Collegiate. His mom describes him as a little fashionista who enjoys choosing his outfits and dressing up in something unique even for school. On special school days and other occasions, Amir sports a fedora or other trendy hat.

This young model-in-the-making hangs out and spends time with his two older brothers. He plays tennis and golf and enjoys swimming and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Congratulations, Amir!

Steve & Nola

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