Choose your wall colors wisely

By Nahid Holmes | Design Source Interiors

I’m always researching design trends, both in fashion and interiors. Every year there’s a report on the new colors, what’s in and what’s out. Eventually what goes around comes back around, though it may be in a different twist or color combination. Remember the brass from 20 years ago? It’s back!

How important is color to staging your home to sell? Well, ask any Realtor or anyone looking to buy a home online. So when selling a home you will appeal to more buyers by updating your wall colors, even if they are not your personal favorite. People get turned off by colors that are past their prime. In the 1980s it was peach and pale blues. The 1990s brought maroon and forest green. The early 2000s gave us fuchsia and aqua. In the past few years we’ve had a period of minimal colors where gray has become the neutral. There is an upside to introducing more color to your home. It’s important though that you pick the right color in the right tone.

Surprisingly, off-white or white walls may seem like a safe bet but it can actually make a room look flat. If you are fortunate to have a room with lots of windows you may be able to pull it off. Otherwise find a white with a hint of color, if a light room is your preference. Pale walls in a kitchen are cheerful and will warm up the room

Terra cotta may make you think of the Southwest but you should leave this color to nature. Homebuyers paid less when terra cotta was used on living room walls. Generally speaking orange, of any tone, isn’t a popular color. If this is a color you love then by all means make it yours. Just make sure to tone it down when you get ready to sell.

Dark brown and orange oak on walls and trim is another color to steer clear of when you’re selling your home. If you have paneled walls consider a whitewash to brighten it up. If you have oak, consider painting or at least adding some glaze to it.

Tip: In rooms where the windows overlook a golf course the walls will take on a green cast because of the grass!

Lastly, the most popular color I’ve seen in the past few years is gray. Gray is such a great neutral, while also feeling very fresh, when paired with pops of color. There are so many varying colors of gray with blue or green undertones providing lots of interest. The light shades of gray will add money to your pocket when you’re selling your home. A fresh, clean look that’s never stale uses white for the wood trim and a light gray. One shade of gray to avoid is slate gray. This color, like dark brown, makes even a room with lots of windows feel dark and small.

Of course, wall color is only one aspect of updating any home or business. If you need help picking out the right wall colors to sell your home, or even if you’re staying but just want to freshen up your home with color, call or stop by my store to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

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