Couple’s dream stands test of time

Written by Amy Palser

A lifelong woodworking artist might count exotic woods or prized carving tools as precious commodities, but Brandon Sherwood says only one thing truly deserves that designation.

“Time is the most valuable commodity we have,” says the Assaria, Kan., artist. And time is exactly what he and wife Dawn are attempting to capture — and celebrate — in their new shop, Hands of Time Gallery in Lindsborg.

The gallery is a colorful, playful and thoughtful feast for the eyes, with the handiwork of around 25 artists on display. “Everything has a common thread of whimsical, lighthearted artwork,” Brandon says. “We try to bring in artists that share the same vision as us, and all this creative energy dances together very well.”

The gallery features two-dimensional paintings and prints, three-dimensional sculptures, ceramics and jewelry. Shoppers can also find artful furniture and gift items.

“It is not a typical gallery,” says Dawn, who also is an artist and was a K–12 art educator for 13 years. “We have been very selective and have curated works that are very unique and different but that all work well together. The works were selected to complement Brandon’s work and are woven together with a common thread.”

Artists represented at the gallery are from California, Colorado, Iowa, Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee and Kansas in the United States, as well as from Scotland, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and Ireland. Dawn says new works are being added regularly.

Anchoring the gallery are the sturdy and spirited hand-carved wood furnishings and sculptures created by Brandon. The pieces look like the stuff of fairytales. “What we do is whimsical and colorful and timeless — promoting your inner child,” says Brandon. “A lot of these characters I develop have stories attached to them — stories with life lessons, like our own American folktales,” he says.

Brandon was a full-time artist traveling around doing art shows when he met Dawn, who had graduated with an art education degree from Kansas State University. After they married — 25 years ago this month — the two began working together in the studio, exhibiting their work at shows and galleries across the nation. When their first child was born, Brandon turned his attention to his other talent, building custom homes. He also continued to create woodworking pieces commissioned by clients.

“We’ve done a lot of work for a lot of people over the years, including many celebrities,” Brandon says. “It’s been an interesting journey.”

In 2001 the couple moved to Carbondale, Colo., to work with a partner on a gallery in nearby Aspen. They returned to Kansas in 2003, and Brandon continued his art while also building custom homes. They never forgot their dream of opening another gallery, however, and this spring the time finally was right.

“You could say that we have brought the gallery concept we had visualized and worked on in Aspen 20 years ago to Little Sweden USA — Lindsborg, Kansas,” Dawn says. “Our guests are surprised, to say the least, that they found us in Lindsborg!” The couple says Lindsborg is a hidden gem with some great shops, wonderful restaurants and interesting museums.

Says Brandon, “It’s all kind of come to fruition in the gallery.” Fans of the artist say it was about time.

Hands of Time Gallery
118 S. Main St.
Lindsborg, KS 67456

Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

The gallery hosts a First Friday event from 5–8 p.m. the first Friday of each month, as well as a Makers Street event from 5–8 p.m. the second Friday of each month.

For more information, visit Hands of Time Gallery on Facebook and Instagram.

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