Our Cover, Your Kid

Written by Sara Garrison

First-place winner: Jackson Touchatt

At just 4 years old, Jackson Lee Touchatt has a charm and charisma that make him irresistible — and we couldn’t resist naming him winner of this year’s Our Cover, Your Kid contest. It’s a quality that goes beyond mere cuteness, although clearly he’s got cuteness in the bag.

“You can see it in his little personality,” said mom Rachel Touchatt of Wichita. “People are drawn to him, by his light and his smile. He’s a little leader.”

Jackson donned an adorable blazer and bow tie for his SPLURGE! cover shoot, and he knew the outfit would be popular with the ladies. Rachel, who is a cheer coach, said Jackson wanted to accompany her to cheer practice while wearing his spiffy duds.

“Mom, the girls will love this jacket,” he told her. And, of course, he was right!

Jackson is the son of Rachel and Kyle Touchatt, and the grandson of Bob and Lori Touchatt and Mark and Jean Manning, all of Wichita. Jackson also has a handsome little brother, Parker, who is almost 2.

Rachel said Jackson loves to be on stage and in front of people. He has an electric guitar, a seven-piece drum set and a karaoke machine. “He loves the ’Ghostbusters’ theme song and sings all the words, and he loves praise and worship music,” Rachel said. “He has an obsession with ‘Newsies’ and he loves singing and performing the scenes. We just took him to the CYT [Christian Youth Theater] performance two weeks ago.”

Blazers and Broadway shows aren’t Jackson’s only “adult” tendencies. While his dad trains for triathlons, this preschooler likes to join in. “They just competed in their first race in October and they ran a mile together,” Rachel said.

Clearly, this kid is going places — and looking good doing it.

Second-place winners:
Kaden and Katelynn Mar

Siblings Kaden and Katelynn Mar couldn’t be more different from one another, but together they make a mighty cute pair who took second place in the Our Cover, Your Kid contest.

Katelynn, 6, has a shy side and takes a while to warm up to people, while Kaden, 7, doesn’t know a stranger. “He loves to talk and will visit with anyone. He says hi to everyone we pass at Dillons,” said their grandmother, Catherine Cowley of Wichita. “But she’s always right there next to him. If he says hi to someone, she’ll say hi.”

Catherine said she’s a regular SPLURGE! reader, and told her son, Andrew Mar, about the contest. Andrew submitted the form and photo of his kids. Their mother is Sara Chhum. With their matching brown eyes, adorable smiles and magnetic chemistry, the Mar kids won the hearts of our judges.

Catherine said part of the fun of winning was shopping for the photo shoot — at least, for Katelynn it was fun. “She picked her own dresses to try on and she chose her outfit,” Catherine said. “From her outfit we picked out a matching one for Kaden and we told him, ‘Here’s what you’re wearing.’ ”

Katelynn loves to dress up and strike a pose, her grandma said. She’s also very artistic and loves to create things with scissors, glue, paper and glitter. She sits at the piano and makes up songs and is more of a gentle soul than her older brother, who prefers riding bikes, shooting Nerf guns and playing Fortnite. “He’s very good at math,” Catherine said. “He likes school when it come to math and recess.”

Katelynn is a kindergartener and Kaden is a second-grader at Seltzer Elementary in Wichita. “They make a cute little couple — and they get along most of the time,” Catherine said with a laugh.

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