Sweet love

Nifty Nut House owners Michelle and Steve Jahn

Written by Sara Garrison

Nifty Nut House owners Steve and Michelle Jahn’s love story began 21 years ago in February 1998. Michelle was the clinical director of OB-GYN services at Via Christi St. Francis, and Steve was the owner of the Nifty Nut House.

One morning, on her way to work, Michelle stopped by the Nifty Nut House to pick up a gift for her boyfriend’s father who was in the hospital.

“It was 8:05 a.m. in the morning right after we opened,” explains Steve Jahn. “I typically don’t work the counter, but this morning was different. Michelle walked in the door and it was love at first sight for me. I knew she was mine right then.”

“I thought he was a nice guy, but I was dating someone else,” says Michelle. “We had a nice conversation, but I left Nifty that morning and went on my way.”

Steve then contacted his friend Greg, who was working as a security guard at the hospital, to ask him about Michelle.

“I wanted to know if she was dating anyone and I asked him to be discreet and find out for me,” says Steve.

“Greg ran up to my office and sat down to talk to me,” laughs Michelle. “He told me that someone had been asking about me. I asked whom and he said it was the man I spoke to at Nifty. I told him I had been dating my boyfriend for seven months. I said I was flattered, but no thank you.”

A few months later, Michelle and her boyfriend broke up. One day she gave her business card to her friend Greg, the security guard at Via Christi Saint Francis. Michelle asked Greg to pass the business card along to Steve.

In September 1998, the couple had their first date.

“I said, ‘I will go out with him one time,’ and I married him nine months later,” says Michelle. “He treated me like a princess.”

“God answered my prayers when I met Michelle. I knew instantly she was the one.” — Steve Jahn

Steve proposed to Michelle, in front of family and friends, in March 1999. The couple will celebrate their 20-year anniversary on June 26.

“I had been praying for years to find the woman I was meant to spend my life with,” explains Steve. “God answered my prayers when I met Michelle. I knew instantly she was the one.”

“Steve is my rock. He is my soulmate,” says Michelle. “He is everything I can ask for in a husband. He is very kind, considerate and humble.”

Michelle and Steve had always wanted to have a family together. In February 2003 their oldest son Caden was born. God later blessed the couple with twin boys, Connor and Crestin in December 2005.

“Being a parent is so much fun,” says Michelle. “It is such a treasure to go through each year and each stage with your child. We love watching them grow into individuals.”

Faith is a strong part of the Jahn’s family foundation.

“Faith is so important to our family. It is our center and is a great reminder to keep you humble and grounded. I can’t imagine living in this day and time without having faith,” says Michelle.

Steve continues, “We try to tell our children that God is always there. He is the truth and we want that truth for our kids. In our family, we don’t embellish, downplay or overplay. God is always there and is a good foundation to build your life on.”

“I remember telling Steve how blessed we are and he said something very memorable to me,” says Michelle. “He said, ‘Aren’t you glad God is parenting our children and he’s got this?' When Steve made this statement, it really resonated with me and gave me such peace as a parent.”

Professionally, Michelle and Steve work together every day in their three-generation family business, the Nifty Nut House. The Nifty Nut House is thriving locally and nationally. The company recently expanded their storefront, moving into their new 14,000 square foot building on Saint Francis street in November 2018.

“Steve is my rock. He is my soul mate.” — Michelle Jahn

“We are so blessed regarding the success of Nifty,” says Steve. “Nifty, as a business, truly has its own life and it is such a blessing to be part of our family business and its success.”

Michelle and Steve have an incredible relationship that many couples dream of having. They credit their marital success to having respect for one another, good communication, making time for each other and having fun together.

“Marriage isn’t easy, but you have to have that commitment, love and respect for each other and have the grit to work through the tough times,” says Michelle. “Loving another person and being married to that person requires respect, good communication and having fun together. It is important to enjoy each other and spend time together. Spending time together can be as simple as enjoying a relaxing evening on the deck together.”

“Life is too short. It is important to go out and enjoy life together,” says Steve. “Romance has to be intentional. If your marriage is unhealthy, then your family is unhealthy.”

Michelle explains, “Falling in love happens when a spark occurs between two people. It is important to do what you can to keep that spark in your marriage, so your marriage and your family can be healthy.”

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