‘Embrace the shake’

Hotworx brings infrared workouts to ICT

Written by Karen Long

You’ve heard of infrared saunas. You’ve heard of hot yoga. But you’ve probably never heard of isometric workouts undertaken in a dry, infrared heat of 125 degrees. This is a concept that only came to Wichita in March, when Crystal Wiley opened the first Hotworx franchise at K-96 and Greenwich.

The health benefits of infrared are becoming more and more recognized. Penetrating deep into the body’s core, the invisible wavelengths relax muscles and help blood circulate more efficiently while delivering oxygen and sweeping away toxins. It’s been fewer than 90 days since their soft opening, but Wiley says those first members are already seeing significant relief from conditions ranging from migraines to depression to a rare genetic disorder that inhibits sweating.

Add exercise to that formula and the benefits stack up even faster.

“When you hold the poses your muscles will shake. We call that ‘embrace the shake,’ ” says Wiley. “It’s actually a very wonderful feeling once you get used to it.”

Where everybody knows your name

A fitness instructor in Wichita for almost 10 years, Wiley has a passion for physical wellbeing and a tremendous weight loss story herself. “But it’s not always about losing weight, it’s about being healthy and feeling good,” she says. She didn’t want to be just “the typical franchise build-out.” Her object is to bring a personal touch: “My staff and I, we make it a point to know everybody’s name. I think that’s super important.”

The inherent Hotworx structure plays into that philosophy. Open 24/7, the facilities feature eight intimate, wood-lined, 9 1/2 by 7-foot units, and members can park right outside the front door.

The workout sessions

Those are all unique features appreciated by Glenda Larkin, who’s been a member since the beginning. Although she has an established fitness routine as a runner, she joined Hotworx because “I really like the 24-hour concept, and the combination of infrared with working out, for sure.”

The 30-minute isometric sessions are led by a “virtual instructor” — pre-recorded training programs looping on a video monitor — and include Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Buns, Hot Core and more. Plus, Wiley plans to introduce a new barre session this summer. Hotworx also offers two options for 15-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts: Hot Cycle or Hot Row. Wiley says many members like to start off with a quick HIIT session and then move onto the isometrics.

The rowing machines in particular are “state of the art.” The equipment acclimates to your body so it’s not necessary to even adjust the seat, Wiley says. “You don’t have to worry about holding your core a certain way…you actually get a better workout.”

Zen time

Courtney Johnson is both an employee and enthusiastic Hotworx consumer. She suffers from migraines, but finds relief after only 45 minutes of “zen time” — resting or meditating in an infrared iso unit with the lights and sound turned off.

“It helps a lot. There’s no words for it, it’s amazing,” she says. “You get so tense when you have a migraine, and it just relaxes you — it felt like a blanket over me. It felt really good.”

Grand opening

Hotworx Wichita East will hold its grand opening from 2 to 6 p.m., June 28, complete with ribbon cutting and prize drawings from Endless Summer Tanning, Eat Fit Go, Supplement Giant, Classy Nails and more. For the month of June Hotworx is having a 1-2-8 sale where $128 pays for your enrollment fee, first month’s membership, and special infrared-safe mat and towel. After that, full price will include a $99 enrollment fee and $59 a month, plus $101 for the mat and towel.

Try Hotworx for yourself: Your first workout is free — which can include more than one infrared session. Just make an appointment or drop in during staffed hours.

Hotworx Wichita East
2564 N. Greenwich Rd. Suite 400
Wichita, KS 67226

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