Redecorating your bedroom for romance, rest and relaxation

by Sara Garrison

The bedroom is often the last place homeowners decorate when designing the interior of their homes. To many, the master bedroom is a place you can hide from guests. But, some believe this area is the most important space in the home to decorate as it provides relaxation and even ignites a little romance.

According to the United States Department of Labor Statistics, Americans spend about 7.6 hours sleeping in their bedrooms each day. This does not include the time spent getting dressed, watching television, relaxing or conversing with a loved one.

Your bedroom will be more romantic if it reflects both you and your partner's tastes and style.  Lori Smith, Arrange It

During the month of love filled with kismet and caring, February is the perfect time to spice up your space and make your bedroom the perfect love shack for you and your significant other.

Victoria Jacob and Lori Smith are the co-owners of Arrange It rearranging and staging services. Lori says, Your bedroom will be more romantic if it reflects both you and your partner's tastes and style. The bedroom needs to be a retreat where you can go to feel relaxed at the end of a busy day. You don't want to think about the things you need to do once you enter your bedroom.

But, making your boudoir more romantic is subjective to one's likes and dislikes. Whether deep red tones or a stark white atmosphere inspires you, each individual has a different idea of what they feel is the ideal romantic bedroom.

Although making your boudoir more romantic and relaxing may seem daunting, Lori and Victoria offer a little insight to help you start.

Pick a favorite object. This object will act as your inspiration. The item can be an accessory, a photo or a piece of furniture. Once you have your favorite object, the decorating flows together.

Select a shade or color. Choose a color that inspires you. Pick a shade that complements your skin tone. You can also select a shade from the clothes in your closet or choose a bright color to help you get your day started. Deep rich tones might also make the environment more intimate.

Choose a favorite fabric. Use this fabric to create draperies. Layer with thick, luxurious fabrics to add comfort to the space. Always get a swatch of the fabric and test it in your space before you buy. After you find a fabric, contact a seamstress or search the Internet for a website that sells custom draperies.

Select linens. Pick bedding to match the colors you have chosen. Invest in a nice mattress and luxurious linens that appeal to your style.

Layer, Layer, Layer. Layer your bed with pillows and throws to create coziness. A plush bed is inviting and luxurious.

Cut the clutter. Clutter can be distracting and unpleasant. Many spousal disagreements can be linked to clutter in the home. In your bedroom remove all magazines. Organize your closet. But, do not remove mementos. If it means something to you, it is important.

Remove all overhead lighting. Use accent lighting instead. There should never be overhead lighting in any room, unless the lighting is on a dimmer. Lighting sets the tone of the room, thus making it romantic and relaxing.

Accessorize. Choose items that you like. Do not try to look like a showroom floor. Personalize your space to fit both you and your partner's needs. Frame a photograph of a special place you and your partner have visited. Hang it on the wall or place it on the nightstand. Another idea is to consider adding fresh flowers on the bedside tables to brighten the space or choose your favorite scented candle.

Set the tone. Play soft, relaxing music or have the radio on your favorite station to help you relax. Light candles and place candles and lotions in your favorite colors and scents around the room.

The key in home decorating is to create a space that does not look decorated, says Victoria. It is your home; you should feel welcomed by it every time you walk in to it. Buy what you love, take your time and mix it up.

Trends come and go. Choose furniture, linens and colors that you love. You will be glad you did.

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