Behind the lens

With Darrin Hackney

Written by Julie Hying

A piece of time can be captured in a single snap. Day-to-day happenings become memories that bring peace and joy. Milestones transform into pieces of our past carefully preserved for our children’s children. An expert behind the lens can see beyond the obvious, hone and focus images into perfection. In this way, photographer Darrin Hackney chronicles mere moments into magic that lasts a lifetime.

Hackney began photographing the world in 2005. His study began, not in a classroom, but with the unique realization of how the camera could change how he saw the world. He took pictures of people in various locations, and people began asking him to photograph an event or take their family’s picture. Organically and over time, his passion for this endeavor grew steadily and blossomed into a way of life.

Previous life experiences prepared Hackney for the time he’d later spend taking pictures for people. He spent years in the bar and nightclub business and was recently a manager of Heroes Sports bar in Wichita. There he studied people and interacted with them. He shares that whether working in that industry or taking time to shoot a couple’s wedding, “One of the most important aspects is helping people relax and be at ease. Reading a situation and the mood of the moment is a big part of that. Body language and facial expressions sometimes convey much more than words.”

Wedding photos are easily the favorite for this photographer. He loves spending time with couples and being there to capture the momentous occasion. The wedding is only a part of the day. Private moments and special pictures with loved ones make what he sees unique. From preparations to fun times with the wedding party after the ceremony, Hackney is able to tell the whole story of their love and their special day together.

Hackney travels to various locations to shoot his photos. He enjoys taking pictures of families and individuals. “By taking pictures, I’m documenting people’s lives. That’s important now, but also for future generations.” As a contemporary historian, Hackney preserves images to be shared with others, translating a fleeting moment to a permanent print. “My goal is to create art with a photo.”

Darrin Hackney’s studio is on Commerce Street south of Intrust Bank Arena. To view his photo display visit or find him on Facebook.

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