Doin' it Bill Bellamy style

The interview

by Karen Long

Bill Bellamy

Bill Bellamy

So the Ladies Night Out Tour — do people not associate ladies with comedy?

The reality of the matter is that women have been wanting to laugh…they probably just haven’t had the right guy to give them the giggles that they need, cause ladies have a lot of tension — they need giggles to let off that steam. I’m at your service. I’m here to make you guys chuckle up a little bit.

You've said your comedy comes from the heart. How much of your comedy is your personal experience and how much is observed?

I would say it’s probably about 70/30, because a lot of the stuff that happens to me in my life is hilarious, and then to get an opportunity to tell my fans about it — they want to know that Bill Bellamy’s days are not always perfect, you know; I go through everything just like anybody else… I’m stuck in traffic, some old dude cut me off!

From those kind of situations, to kids, to meeting Barack Obama and Michelle — things that never happen that you can’t believe — you gotta tell somebody.

What will you be sharing at the Ladies Night Out Tour?

First and foremost I’m gonna teach these ladies how to stay sexy. Some women, sometimes they just let their sexy teeter a little bit: tick-tick-tick. Put that meter right back up to the top — pow. I think what it is, is keeping your swagger.

And sometimes kids’ll beat that outta ya, or, like, your man’s not complimenting you enough, or he got fat, and he got you fat, and now everybody’s all fat. Your sexy got shrunk down now, you got a Netflix…ah, that’s not enough.

So what does your lady think of the Ladies Night Out Tour?

Um, I think…she thinks it’s hilarious: “You guys are funny, you guys are crazy, oh my God,” you know. It’s funny — to see all of us together, we look like a boy band or something…but all we have is jokes in our arsenal. We do goofy stuff all the time. We’re like the dwarves, you know, like Silly, Goofy, Unpredictable—

And which one are you?

I’m Silly. We got Goofy D’Lai, Unpredictable J, and then we got Ali, he’s like the wise dwarf.

The wise dwarf?

“You guys need to get some rest, we need some nutrition..." wise, sage.

So now, are you all on stage at once?

Ali is the host and he’ll do like 15 or 20 minutes. J and d’Lai will come out and do 15, and I’ll come out and do 45 to an hour and it’s just never-stop laughter.

Who are your biggest inspirations right now?

My guys that I love, love all the time… I would say Dave Chappelle; I like Martin Lawrence whenever he decides to make a movie; I like Kevin Hart right now, that’s one of my good buddies — he’s very very funny. I like classic Eddie, I don’t like the Dr. Doolittle Eddie.

You do a lot of other things besides comedy. What are some things you’re working on for 2011?

2011 is a big breakout year I would say. Definitely getting my movies back up and running. I want to do like my Bad Boys film; I want to take my shirt off so you can see this nine-pack I got right here...cause you gotta add a little pack. Some people roll with six, I roll with nine.

I’m actually developing another TV project for myself as well: Ladies Night Out comedy movie special. This whole thing is like a movement in a way because it’s just getting bigger and bigger. We started out last March — we started in clubs, now we’re moving on to theaters.

It’s just been so successful in 2010. To come to Wichita and bringing it on Valentines Day weekend — it’s gonna be like a Sex in the City party. Bring your best friends, you know. Come with your fun crew. All girls always have that one girlfriend that can almost mess up every party; don’t tell her. Let her find out on the internet. Like, just get your best fun crew together, you guys come out and let’s do it Bill Bellamy style.

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