Single, and loving it!

Eligible singles dish on dating in the city

Story by Kristin Baker | photography by Brian Giammasi

Q. What do you love most about being single?

Ashlee Roland, 21 | CNA
Freedom. I like to be able to do what I want to do without asking permission. I like to be able to go out with my girls and not explain what I am doing to anybody.

AJ Tuhro, 28 | Works for a major airline
I like the freedom I have to do what I want when I want. I don't have to schedule or make sure it's OK.

Dominique, 49 | Aircraft maintenance engineer
I'm a big traveler, and I am able to travel and do what I want as I wish. That's also why I'm single, because I travel so much.

Q. What quality is a deal breaker in members of the opposite sex?

Jennifer Draper, 21 | Student
Someone who is unmotivated. I'm really motivated, and it's something attractive in someone when they are motivated about their job or school.

Rinda Mooney, 49 | Banking
Dishonesty is a deal breaker. If you're single, say so. If you're not, say so. No relationship can be built on a lie.

Q. What is your favorite activity to do in Wichita on a typical Saturday night?

Michelle Gould, 37 | Bookkeeper
I like to go dancing at Denim and Diamonds. Dancing is a hobby for me more than anything else.

Jonathan Baalman, 27 | Pre-med student
Go out to smaller bars and spend time with friends, do a little bit of drinking.

Dena Graham, 52 | Business owner
We go dancing, and we follow the bands Blue Eyed Soul and Infusion.

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