Smells like teen spirit

by Karen Long

The corsages. The tuxes. The hormones. In solidarity with teens prepping for the big night, some of our very own local celebs and business leaders generously share photos and adventures from their own prom night nirvana.

Brett Harris

Brett Harris | radio personality | B98-FM

Prom Date: Gina Johnson. I'm fairly certain she uses me today as girl's night humor and as a kid stranger danger example.

Special Moment: My mom's boss had a sweet Cadillac that somehow she cut me loose with on prom night. One problem, however: the Caddi had been T-boned two days prior to prom by a telephone pole. Not only did Gina's door not open for the night, my prom night Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had a bent frame! We literally crabbed our way to prom.

Tracy Cassidy

Tracy Cassidy | radio personality | B98-FM

Prom Date: Rob Tabor

Special Moment: I was wearing a dress made by my nearly blind great aunt after she'd measured me one time. I was thrilled then. I wouldn't have let one of my daughters be caught in one; maybe that's why I love Gown Town so much!

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