Wichita native and singer-songwriter Adam Case, launches his second album, "Video in My Stereo," on August 29 at Rock IslandLive. Various songs on the album showcase a brush of blues, a clip of country, an echo of electronica or even a ripple of rap, all laid over a unifying foundation of solid rock. The surreal title was inspired by the way music, “paints a stamp in that generation and time."


Strike fear into
the heart of a kid

by merely mentioning the words “back to school.” But Wichita educators are working hard to bring wonder and excitement into the new academic year. Including “Mrs. Smoke” — Dyane Smokorowski, the Andover teacher who was awarded the Chasing Rainbows Award. And a group of teachers using meditation as a tool for self-care. However you handle back-to-school, do it By The Book — the book of SPLURGE! style — for straight “As” in every subject.

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