Jason Perezís new venture was just one of the topics discussed in this video, when Jody Klein and Wendell Funk of Splurge! sat down with Jenn Bates in the KWCH studios. Perez, the former Shocker basketball star has found a permanent home for his Next Level Hoops Academy, mentoring young B-Ball players. Grab the November issue of Splurge! out on newstands now!


He didn't want to be just another statistic, so Jason

Perez worked hard to build an outstanding set of stats for himself during four years as an MVP Shocker B-Ball player. Now he helps young players rewrite their own stats at his gym, Next Level Hoops Academy.

Also in this issue: Joanna Kilgore, mom to an autistic son and owner of MOXI Junction coffeehouse in Maize, where the jobs fit the person, not the other way around.

We also catch up with the people behind the Wichita Force, the city's newly-minted indoor football team, who are prepping for their opening game in February, and the owners of the ever-popular Doo-Dah Diner give us a peek into their recent expansion.

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